Prayers answered for injured puppy waiting for help in temple

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An injured puppy had gone into an ancient temple to find shelter. As he sat in a corner behind one of the shrines, his neck soaked in blood from several deep wounds, his silent prayers for help were answered when a visitor to the temple saw him and called Animal Aid’s helpline.

When our rescuers arrived they found him sitting but otherwise in a state of shock, almost motionless and unresponsive. He was severely dehydrated from blood loss and was in critical condition. It took several days of IV fluids and medication before his condition had stabilized.

Watch his beautiful recovery after almost 4 weeks of treatment in the video above.

Donate to help save lives in India.

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  • Mary S Vickoren

    I am so glad you sent me information about donating. We belong to the ASPCA, and plan to donate monthly to Animal Aid starting next month. God bless you for your kind, gentle, and compassionate care for these poor, helpless, and most vulnerable of God’s creatures. Thank God you are there to ease their suffering in their moment of greatest need.

  • Chris

    How can i Help you?

  • Ariana Stefan

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do.


    gracias por ser un gran hombre bendiciones desde Lima Peru

  • Cindy Lincoln

    These were shocking and wonderful. I cried hard then, smiled. Thank you all for all you do. We have an epidemic of homeless dogs in the U.S. who have no idea how to survive on the streets. Many, if not most, of them were dumped by their families when they went broke, often moved, and rather than take the dog to a shelter they dumped them. I cannot imagine rationalizing that choice. I can only imagine what it must be like in India. At least we have a lot of shelters and rescue operations. There’s never enough hands and money for them all. That is so painful. Thank you again for your commitment, everyone there. I shared a story of yours on FB. I hope it helps.

  • Carol

    Blessed & prayers…

  • Dianne Goode

    May Jehovah bless you for the love you show to his beloved animals.



  • maggie

    thank you so much for the wonderful rescue of this beautiful young Dog and the great care you gave him to save his life. he looks very happy thanks to everyone at Animal Aid. I have made a donation and will again.

  • gerard

    If I had a billion dollars I would gladly give it charity in the world


    God bless you all =)

  • Suzette

    So beautiful… I’m deeply moved by the compassion shown to these suffering animals. The power of humans when they endeavor on a path beyond a world consumed with the acquisiton of material wealth. Truly humbling. To see this side of human nature not only restores faith but also begs the question–How much could we achieve if the whole human race walked a pathway beyond the illusion of the material world? Thank you to all involved in this incredible work.

  • Laura

    So glad I found your page. I just donated and will keep doing so. Your work is incredible. Keep loving and caring and along the way educate others about how important animals are in this world. God bless. Health and happiness to all!! ???

  • Christine

    I shared your page in several animal advocacy group pages on FB and pray that enough people will be touched by your work in India. We have similar situation here in the Philippines. Most rescue groups are privately funded and they cannot help as many dogs as they would like to because people do not care to adopt rescued street dogs. Praying that one day we can help educate people to change their perception about stray animals.

  • Narendra Ratre

    I don’t have any words but i’ll say this “humanity still exists”. Thank you for saving his life.

  • Dr.Alsha

    So nice work by animalaid. I really appreciate the works done from the entire team & god bless you all.
    I am so happy to donate for animalaid & also I have recommended many of my friends,relatives,coliques to visit the animalaid website and do the kind help.

  • Richard Liljeblad

    I have been following your wonderful stories and if there are Angels sent from heaven you are them. I want to do something for you but I don’t have a home right now but I will have soon. I hope one day I can come to India and thank all of you in person. I will pray for you. Thank you!

  • Mr. kerry evans

    God bless you many times! Never ever stop what you are doing. Your staff / volunteers are so gentle and loving to these wonderful animals. Most have never known any kindness you. I wrote you many months back and received a nice email back. Then I was severely injured and separated my left quadricep from my knee completely and could not move it for 2 months, had to learn to walk again and am still learning so I could not access my computer to keep in touch. I donated what I could. I want to donate more. And I will try…..just please do not ever stop your kindness and love towards these animals. God sees…..God rewards. These animals are very precious to Him as is your care for them. All my love and I will continue to pray for you all to continue to rescue these creatures.

  • Lena

    Marcia Hanna and Dianna Goodie,

    It is not God’s blessing that saves these poor animals but your donations. I donate every month – that is God’s blessing. Just words are not enough, ladies.

  • Sanju

    You ppl are human form of God,ur deeds are speechless to be praised,you are the real humans and heros,I join my hands together to thank and salute your kindness

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