Plastic jar stuck on dog’s head removed

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This could have been a devastating end to a beautiful girl’s life. She got her head stuck into a plastic container and was no longer even trying to get it off it was so tight. It was more than 100 (40) degrees that day and she wouldn’t have lasted long not being able to drink water.


She was quite difficult to catch and was gone in a flash the moment we pulled the container off. What a relief it was to see her go merily on her way after such a close brush with a terrible death.




Thank you so much for supporting Animal Aid and ensuring we can reach emergencies like this one fast and before any damage is done.

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  • Jacqueline Robinson

    Sharing Bonnie’s message to all who will help! Stay strong Bonnie and we will pray for you to return to help all these precious animals you love so much. Made a donation and will continue to support your work in saving these helpless souls!~~

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