Pintu recovering from brutal shooting, police case in process.

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Pintu was the victim of a brutal shooting on 13th May 2014 in which two other peacefully sleeping community dogs were killed by a retired army major. Village boys rushed Pintu to Animal Aid where we immediately began treating him for shock. A pellet had gone through his back and out the other side and Pintu was unable to stand or even move. While Pintu’s life-saving treatment continued, we rushed to pick up the two killed dogs from the village to the police station to report the horrific crime.

Pintu receiving I.V. fluids immediately after rescue on 13th May.

Pintu receiving I.V. fluids immediately after rescue on 13th May.

Udaipur’s newspaper covered the brutality, spreading awareness to thousands that cruelty mustn’t be tolerated.

Raj Patrika

Pintu’s condition had greatly improved by the following day, but it was then that we found that he was paralyzed in his hind limbs from the shooting.


Animal Aid trustee Neha Singh Banyal assists police in their investigation of the place the dogs were shot.

police investigate

Pintu has been showered with love ever since his arrival and we have high hopes that he will fully recover after several weeks of physical therapy. Today he received a special visit by a gentle young girl, Bhuvika, who is the granddaughter of Udaipur’s Maharana.


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  • Anando

    expose who were the politicians pressuring you to take the case back. Also if you by any chance (lack of evidence or some nonsense) lose the case dont stop there go to rajasthan high court atleast . I am sure if required to come to supreme court there are enough animal lovers sitting in delhi who will help you out

  • Virendra Kumar Pandey

    I am very proud of to team who are working hard to save life of these Animals. These animal are helpful to save humane being from pollution and disease.During there healthy days they never see any distinguishes. But we always selfish .
    You are honestly doing your work God will give you blesses. I am so impressed that i write this comment.Every good work always go through tough exams. I am advising you to do your work without any pressure and afraid. God always with truth. I am sure many people will come to you and revolution waiting you.
    If any part of your work I can do, feel free to contact us in Varanasi.
    I am feeling so proud of you ….. Keep it up .

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