Paralyzed and injured dog, Meadow, rescued and healing fast

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A beautiful street dog, who we’ve named Meadow, was hit by a vehicle sometime around mid October that left her paralyzed in her back legs and badly wounded. The wound on her thigh was 4 inches wide and several inches deep, and she had extensive abrasions on her paw and elbow joint. When we first rescued her she was very frightened and snapped at anyone who tried to touch her. We immediately treated her for pain and infection, and thoroughly cleaned her wounds.


After a few days, she began to relax and trust us little by little. Every day we cleaned and bandaged her wounds and gave her lots of cuddles afterwards so that she wouldn’t only associate us with the wound dressing. For many days she hardly moved at all and slept almost around the clock. Her body was so badly hurt that all of her energy was being spent just on healing and trying to recover from the trauma she had suffered, both physically and emotionally.


Within just a week she had made amazing progress. Her wound was totally free of infection and getting noticeably smaller every day. To our delight, she was beginning to move her back legs and trying to stand, which didn’t help us in keeping her bandaged on any, but was fantastic news for the future of her mobility. She had a strong appetite and usually ate seconds too!


Now, at the third week mark, her wound is incredibly healed (still a little more to go) and she is bearing full weight on her back legs, though she needs help, which she’s getting here by care-givers Sooraj and Neha. Her right hind legs (the one that is not wounded) is very strong and she is able to balance fully, but her left paw has trouble staying in the right position, and she starts to drag it if we don’t support her. For this she will need many days of physical therapy which she is now almost ready to begin receiving. For her first several weeks it was most important that she rest and that her spine heal as much as possible. Now she is not in pain and she is anxious to get back on her feet. In fact it’s hard to keep her standing in one place when we bring her out into the garden!


Sooraj has done so much to help her overcome her fear and anxiety. He was almost bitten by her on her first day at Animal Aid, and now he carries her back to her kennel in his arms.

We are so thankful to everyone who reached out to sponsor Meadow’s care after reading about her on our Facebook page. Stay tuned for updates abut her full recovery soon!


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  • Susan Iaccarino

    My biggest concern is what happens to these animals when they are released back onto the streets in an environment where they still have to fend for themselves. I’m not convinced that homeless animals can survive very well on the streets.

  • peggy

    omg where is th vidio

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