Orphaned baby gets new mom!

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Two days ago we rescued a cow who was collapsed and very ill. A few hours later she went into labor and delivered a healthy baby girl. But the poor mother was so weak she couldn’t even lift her head to see her daughter. She over-came debilitating weakness for an incredible few minutes to lick her newborn, and then again lay her head down. We gave her I.V. fluids, tried to get her to eat and stand, but tragically she passed away yesterday leaving her beautiful girl an orphan. But at 8 a.m. that very same day (yesterday) another rescued mother delivered her healthy newborn, a little girl. Our first baby was already strong after her first day of bottle feeds and suddenly began to make her way over to the new mother. Not sure how the mother would accept the other baby, we stood near just in case, but she amazed us all. She immediately began licking and nuzzling the new baby as if she were her own. She went back and forth between the two girl keeping both very near. Now both girls are nursing. We are overjoyed at the perfect sequence of events that turned mourning into celebration.




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  • Elisa Harvie

    Thank you for sharing such a great story. I am so glad the little calf found
    a mother to take care of her! God bless you for your work in helping these
    beautiful creatures.

  • escop muriel

    such a nice story,another way to save animals it’s also to stop to eat them,i love your work you have great soul

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