Only one chance to catch a desperate puppy

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Frightened and confused by an excruciating and huge wound, this sweetheart was also suffering from a bad case of mange. But she still had the strength to run away, and our rescue team knew if she dodged our net she’d surely die.  By the luckiest miracle she jumped into an overturned boat and gave our team just the chance they needed. Watch the beautiful result of 6 weeks of treatment and love. Watch adorable Mikki. She will never leave your heart.
Please donate to give life and happiness to a suffering street animal in India.
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  • Elizabeth Bennett

    Incredible team work once again! You never give up and now this beautiful girl feels joy and love.
    Such a pleasure to contribute to.

  • renee bennings

    May God Bless those involved in rescuing these helpless creatures.

  • Georgi Ann Jasenovec

    Your organization amazes me with each story I️ read or watch (Mikki’s story is so heartwarming!)! I️ have donated a little to your organization st the end of each year & will do so today because of the caring & kind people each of you are. Y’all do amazing work!!!

  • Irma

    Sois unos seres humanos maravillosos!!

  • Angela

    Thank you for all you do for suffering furbabies, many blessings to to all.

  • louisa byrd

    What an awesome transformation. Thank you my friends at Animal Aid Unlimited only you could have done it. She is

  • Trine Bjørn Petersen

    So happy they’ve got you lot… I wish there were more places like yours ?

  • mark

    The people at Animal Aid who do this work day in and day out in anonymity are far, far finer human beings than those who run this country.
    I have the utmost respect and admiration for every one of them.

  • Pamela Ashley

    Were you all able to keep Mikki (Dec 18 video) at your compound??? I hope so, I would hate to see her out on the street again!! Thanks Pam

  • palwinder sian

    All animals are so adorable and beautiful loving. I really feel so sorry for their conditions. I love them all. They need our help and love. They have life as we. So I am trying to help these little kids .Thank you for helping and serving them. Actually God is loving them through you angels. please keep up your kind sewa.

  • AnneMarie Ansel

    Made another donation to support the wonderful life saving work your organization does to help India’s innocent animals.

  • maggie geddes

    Thank you so much for rescuing the adorable Mikki. She looks so happy now thanks to you all at AAU with all the love and care you give. she is now a beautiful younf Dog with so much love to give. I will donate again soon. I love your organisation and you are all wonderful caring people. Without your dedication, Animals would die suffering through no fault of their own and I wish that the rest of India will follow you with your incredible organisation in all parts of India and the rest of Asia.

  • ugolini

    Vous êtes des anges pour ces pauvres hères!

  • Susanne Berg

    You are doing such a wonderful job! I wish I could be there to help you. But I can’t. So instead I donate money and I can see that you use the money well! I wish you alla a wonderful Christmas!

  • lara

    I am so happy I found this charity to donate to and I tell people about you all the time

  • Anne Robinson

    What a beautiful puppy, I am so pleased yo rescued her and saved her life. Your workers and volunteers are angels. Will make a donation when I have money.

  • Deborah hedges

    U guys amaze me the work and love u despense for these animals no matter what kind of animal they love everyone till someone shows them how cruel people can be and u guys not only restore there health but the faith in people they had lost due to ignorance and cruelty and neglect i dont have any money to send right now but within the month will recieve tax check so i will donate then i dont donate here at home to save animals cause no matter what they suffer from ..from young to old within 30 days if no one has adopted them they will euthanize need or not wont contribute to someone who takes them on only to kill them within days of there possession of them but i watch the storys u have with no real funding and it is amazing u guys r really dedicated to all TRUE HEROS with real hearts thank u for what u do swells my heart to see real concern and dedication to animals im not rich but i will send 150$ at least

  • Julia Stevenson-Renwick

    We love you all sooo much especially you Erica and Gloria xxxxxxx

  • Barbara Smolinski

    These wonderful people are so amazing and LOVING. How I wish I could come there and visit with all the animals and the people that care for them. I contribute what I can to help rescue the injured and lost animals that they save from horrible deaths. May their rewards be many by whatever God’s they believe in, in helping the innocent victims of the streets.

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