Newborn kittens rescued from exhaust vent

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A litter of kittens had been born inside of a restaurant’s exhaust vent. A manager of the restaurant called us because the kittens had been crying almost non-stop for 2 days, he told us. That morning, kitchen staff had found one of the kittens on the ground underneath the vent–he had somehow fallen out of the vent and although the staff had put him in a cardboard box, he was hypothermic when we arrived.

We could hear the remaining kittens crying in terrible distress but the opening to the vent wasn’t big enough to put your hand through. A repairman at the restaurant happened to have a metal cutter with him and agreed to cutting a hole in the vent to rescue the kittens.

The first kitten rescued was soaking wet and covering in black grime from the vent. He was freezing cold and almost life-less. The other kittens were in better shape but their level of dehydration showed that it had been many days since their mother had come to feed them.

Within 2 weeks the kittens had beautifully recovered in their foster home. They have all been adopted into loving homes.

Please donate to support live-saving rescue in India.

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  • Katrina

    Wow, that’s amazing that they all survived, well done to everyone involved

  • muriel escop

    i have been volunteer in cats shelters in Italy,it is wonderfull to see there are many nice people in the world who really make this planet a better place for animals,thanks to you all.

  • Nancy Shufeldt

    to me this is the warmest place they can end up! have watched so many rescues from them. they are wonderful…when I retire I will begin to post a monthly payment to them.

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