Newborn calf dumped on roadside still wet with afterbirth

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We got a call on our helpline that a newborn calf had just been dumped on the side of the road somewhere in Udaipur. When our ambulance arrived, our rescue team found a tiny little boy calf, curled up in a ball and unbelievably still wet with afterbirth. He had just been dumped by a dairy farmer who didn’t want the calf to drink any of his mother’s milk, so that the milk could be sold instead.

To supply consumers demand for milk, male calves born into dairy farms around the world are tragically separated from their mothers just like this.

The little boy was terrified and barely moving when we found him. We scooped him up and rushed him back to Animal Aid’s shelter and immediately started bottle feeding him the milk he so desperately needed. We named this precious angel Dil which means “heart” in Hindi, and his nature truly is full of love. The depth of sorrow you are going to feel when you see him so alone and fragile on the side of the road, might just be out-done by the joy of seeing Dil growing up. Watch his first time coming out of the baby pen and meeting the Big Boys of our sanctuary. Dil can’t quite believe his eyes–or his feet. They truly do seem to have wings. Not surprising–he is an angel.

Whether a kitten or a calf, every life is precious.

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  • louisa m byrd

    Thank you so much for saving Dil. That is so awful that someone would put him on the side of the road like that especially after he was just born. What a horrible person to do that. But they will get theirs. He is so adorable and the other baby that is playing with him. Will they live there with you permanently. I pray so. You all are so wonderful. I am so happy to have found Animal Aid Unlimited India. God bless you all.

  • Fiona Ingram

    Thank you for saving this dear little fellow. I couldn’t help feeling so sad for the mother who must feel such anguish at losing her baby. Cows are sensitive, intelligent, social and loving creatures and to have their babies ripped away m must be heartbreaking for them.

  • elly

    Hi there, thanks again for saving this little boy, just like all the other animals.
    I wish you all a very happy, healthy and caring 2017!!!

  • Derek kerr

    My heart goes out to these animals

  • Susanne Berg

    I dont understand how anyone can do a thing like that: To dump a newborn(!) calf. Unbelievable. That person should be put in jail!

  • Gloria

    I love you guys, dil se !!!!!!

  • Twinkle

    very good work and to save other calf’s strict action must be taken against dairy farmers.

  • maggie geddes

    How shocking that this beautiful little calf should be taken from his Mother having never had the chance to drink her milk and what is worse is his Mother will be in a desperate state of anguish having never been allowed to see her Son, torn away from her immediately after he was born. It’s heart-breaking! But how heart-warming to see the beautiful Dil thriving wth his new play-mates. I had no idea that These animals were so fun-loving I think Cows are beautiful animals and I thought they were supposed to be sacred in India. That Farmer left that little calf to die alone. I think that deserves a lot of Karma to fall on this cruel man. I will donate again because you do amazing rescues and m God reward you all for you love and compassion.

  • Sanjay Nakate

    God Bless you team.
    Very nice work.

  • Tanja

    I always leave me speechless, how people all over the world are able to act so cruel against animals. Makes my heart ache.

  • priyanka rawat

    God bless u all..

  • Simona Eastlake

    I cried when tears of utter sadness at the beginning of this little film. I cried tears of joy at the end of the film at seeing what you angels did for him. I cried tears then at the realization of how many mothers and calves have this happen to them all over the world, every day, to supply the human demand for their milk….when almond/cashew/soy/hazelnut/coconut and rice milk to name but a few…will do!!

    The work you do is unbelievable and having only recently discovered you, I look forward to supporting you in any way I can.

    Thank God you all xxx

  • Petra

    Thank you for all animals you saved with love and knowledge. I come from germany and I’m deeply touched by your work. Animals deserve our help. They suffer from human mistreatment. You perform exemplary work. Respect …

  • vinod kumar

    May God bless all the members of the team for saving the life’s of poor animals….
    Required urs animal aid unlimited contact no in kurnool
    district in andhrapradesh….

  • barbara chipman

    Dil is such a happy little fellow! It made me happy to see him well!

  • Sophie Debbane

    Love ALL your rescue videos and am so grateful that your organization can help animals in distress. It is unimaginable what humankind has come to in terms of our relationship with animals.

  • Nuala Haggerty

    As always I am in awe of all of your hard work and compassion. I especially love the patience all the men and women rescuers have who never give up….like the paralyzed dog who walked again with all the rehab and nurturing you gave to him. Everyone around the world loves your animal aid… it is unlimited, I will be donating again as I know that’s how we see more animal rescues and how all the animals under your care thrive and get to live a happy full life again. Thank you

  • Jessica van Reijen

    I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! ??❤?

    Thanks for everything you are doing!!!

  • fern juris

    you are a wonderful organization. I always watch your stories. bravo to you.

  • Stefania

    Siete Fantastici

  • Pierre Cousineau

    vous etes des anges pour aider ces animaux. Bravo!!


    SALUTE TO ALL OF YOU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Caroline

    Animal Aid unlimited you are such a brilliant organisation, I am in awe of you. It makes me so happy to see the animals you save so happy with you….thankfully we have such beautiful souls in the world. Keep making such a difference to all the gorgeous fur babies.

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