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When you’re working for animals, sometimes you have to see a sad, dark-side of humanity.

But more profound than that, you get the incredible opportunity to meet the most tender-hearted people in the world. It is a privilege to see people’s lives changing right before your eyes as so often happens at Animal Aid.

While bottle feeding a new-born baby calf, or, comforting a puppy who’s been run over by a car, consoling a weary donkey as her wounded back is bandaged, it’s dazzling to witness people recognize their own amazing power in a new way, and the meaning of their lives takes on new clarity.

We think we have captured some of that magic in this video.

Please share this video widely…India’s street animals deserve the best!

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  • seema arora

    We are very lucky to have animal aid hospital in our city where ailing and suffering animals are treated with full devotion and care.It gives avery happy and satisfactory feeling to see the suffering animals recover and come back to live a quality life again.It is where the like minded people come together and combat for animal rights.I wish that all the people think the same way and treat the animals ethically and thank god for his beautifal creations.

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