Mother dog bleeding from glass cut healed

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A mother of 6 puppies had been cut by a piece of glass and was heavily bleeding in the trash that was her den. She had found a good place to have her puppies away from the road and protected from wind and rain, but unfortunately neighbors had begun throwing their trash in the very same place. There were several broken bottles in the garbage and this day, one of the shards of glass cut her leg quite deeply causing a fair amount of bleeding.

The shop owners next to her den regularly feed the mother (why they had not cleaned up the trash on their own we do not know) and when they saw her bleeding they immediately called on our helpline number which they had saved in their shop.

Our ambulance reached right away and quickly tied a bandage around the cut to stop the bleeding. Luckily the pressure from the bandage was enough to stop the bleeding by the time we got back to the shelter.

For the next several days we treated her for dehydration from the blood loss, and within just 2 weeks of keeping her wound clean and bandaged she was completely healed and it was time to go home.

But first, we had a lot of cleaning up to do…

Our rescuers spent an hour cleaning out all of the trash and shards of glass in her den, and laid down bedding. We also gave bags of dog food to the shop owners to feed and replenish. We made sure the shop keepers were involved in the whole cleaning process and got them to help out so that they would take more ownership of the mother’s care in the future. Without a doubt they will be calling us again immediately if the mother or puppies should ever again need any medical help.

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  • Kathy

    The gentleness with which you care for these precious animals almost makes my heart burst. It is genuine, and comes across so clearly. Bless you for the wonderful work you do! Well done.

  • louisa

    why did they bring her back to the same place instead of keeping her.

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