Most Years of Volunteer Service with Animal Aid Award to Polly Evans!

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Polly Evans, from a village near Coventry, England, recently completed her fifth annual volunteer term at Animal Aid, making her the star-studded holder of the MOST YEARS OF VOLUNTEER SERVICE WITH ANIMAL AID award! Polly slowed down enough to share a cup of tea with us the morning of her departure–one of the only mornings she didn’t show up at the shelter–and told us how she’d found Animal Aid:

“I’d been to help in Suffering” (in Jaipur) which I enjoyed. My friend Elaine Philpott, a veterinary nerse, recommended Animal Aid to me. She said ‘I’ve found a place that needs you more.’

“That was five years ago and its getting better all the time. It’s what I call ‘organised chaos’ but it’s successful. All India is sort of like that.

“When it comes to animals my friends don’t question who comes first. It’s a good job!”

Polly worked as an electronics engineer, completing her training in 1958. She retired in the 1980s.

India has been a natural destination and Polly reckons she’s come more than 20 times. “My father had spent many years here in India, in the Royal Air Force near Calcutta.” She explains that after he passed away, she took his remains to Lake Pushkar during the 1990s.

“My dad used to tell me about it. Once, he bought a par of sandals in the red Rajasthani colors. When he got back to England he found that they were both the same foot. My dad said ‘when you grow up you can go find the other one,’ and that’s what I’ve done.”

Polly has given love to everyone, animals and humans alike. She has also given home-made booties for dogs and puppies with paralysed legs; she has given aprons to all the staff, always comes with goodies for all species.

“I’ve always loved animals. During the war I was taken to the photographer dressed like Shirley Temple. I was little and they made me wear gold ringlets and patent shoes. They put a doll in my hands and I through the doll and picked up the stuffed toy dogs. I had decided dogs were better than dolls” and she has apparently not changed her mind.

Polly, we always love you, we always miss you, we always look forward to the next time you grace our lucky hospital with your healing hands and loving heart!

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