Meet the adorable rescued babies at Animal Aid!

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The rescued babies in this video are safe forever at Animal Aid today. They are free to be themselves, free to love their mama’s and nurse for as many months (or years) as they’d like, free to live.

To most of the world their names are beef, pork and mutton.

To us, they are Flower, Shelby, Maya, Murphy, Raisin and Cashew.

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  • Lucy Leon

    God bless these people for taking care of His creation. I love what they are doing. I wish I could be there with them as part of this rescue team. Animals are my passion. Thank you!!!

  • Barbara Foster

    I so much admire these wonderful, dedicated people doing all this work for animals. I hope many people will be inspired like I was to donate to their cause.

  • Elizabeth Kabala

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! Says it all❤️

  • theresa sonia

    what a great job you people are doing for these poor pets!keeo up the great work!love u for doing this!

  • mukesh kumar kalma

    Good work
    god bless you

  • Dennis Jordan

    Hi it’s Dennis again to bother you once again regarding Donations. When i hit the menu tab, it rolls down but there is NO DONATE TAB.It really belongs there. Please add that for people that might need a little extra help.
    I love you guys.

  • Alexis kader

    Amazing place. Better than heaven. My daughter visited there today. Myself and 9yr old son want to come and stay and work for a month in summer holidays. How do we apply.

  • Please I would like a list of item that can be sent.i might not be able to send much but some things .If u can send a list by mail and your mailing address. Ggreat. God bless you. I am a volunteer at 2 shelters but i want to do hands on work. Need money for trip. Working on it.thank you for your love. So committed. Thank you.

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