Meet Jasmine, our latest “Mangel”

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We’re calling her Jasmine because she’s already a beautiful flower, but her beautiful face is temporarily overwhelmed by the ravages of mange—tiny parasitic mites that live beneath the top layers of skin causing a maddening itch.

When people see these poor naked dogs, blood streaked from the relentless scratching, they often think treatment must be hopeless. But after thousands of mange rescues and recoveries, we’ve found that medicine, food and love, is almost always a fantastic success.

Jasmine is sensitive and learning to relax. Tending road weariness is our greatest pleasure. Nothing feels quite so good as seeing a mange dog relax into a big plastic tub with a piece of cloth after finishing a big bowl of food—maybe two! And seeing her realize, slowly at first, and then suddenly and completely, that she’s welcome here, she belongs with us for a time, and she’ll receive only the best things in life—medical care, food, and love.

What will Jasmine look like in a few weeks? Stay tuned! The only thing we can say for sure is: she’ll be a great beauty.

$15 is all it costs for a full course of life-saving mange treatment. Give that $15 miracle today.

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