Mabel’s incredible recovery from life-threatening mange

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Mabel, a street dog, was on the brink of dying from severe mange when we rescued her 2 months ago. She was so weak and dehydrated we thought we were going to lose her.

But after 2 months of intensive treatment, watch her incredible recovery in the video above. We hope it warms your heart as it has ours.

Even animals like Mabel who at first sight look like they have no hope can make fantastic recoveries if given the chance. It’s thanks to your generous donation that we are able to give that life-saving chance to hundreds of animals every month.

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  • barbara chipman

    people that have the desire and patience to help these unfortunate souls are so special. i am truly glad for your generous and kind efforts. gratefully yours, barb chipman

  • Beverly Osborn

    Thank you so much for saving this beautiful soul.I have put a check in the mail today.Bless you and Mabel and all the animals you save.

  • Arthur

    Like I told you in our last email, you people are the best out there.
    Keep up the great work for those dogs; I’ve made another donation.
    Greetz from The Netherlands

  • Marta

    Mabel’s transformation is a miracle thanks to you and all the efforts you make every day to save those innocent criatures that only want to love us. God bless you a million times and give you prosperity and abundance for your great generosity and compasion for those who do not have voice.

  • krystal

    Que dieu remercie les gens comme vous vous avez tout mon respect

  • Katrina

    I can’t believe that is the same dog. Wonderful work Animal Aid.

  • Kat Corbett

    I never would have believed such a transformation possible! I think the love shown to Mabel along with your efficient care gave her the will to survive. Fantastic job!

  • Irene Goetz

    I am truly impressed – after so many years of being involved in animal rescue – the rescue of Mabel is truly worth seeing!!!!

  • Linda McCaskill

    The wonderful workers at Animal Aid Unlimited heal not only the bodies, but the minds and spirits of these animals, and give them the will to live.

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