Love at first sight for orphaned puppies and lonely mother

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A gravely injured mother was rescued with her six puppies. Despite bewildering pain, she had managed to stay alive and care for her newborns for 10 days on the street before someone called Animal Aid for her rescue. Even after intensive treatment and care, she passed away three days after rescue, leaving her little ones behind. But this heartbreaking loss gave way to a miracle of love. The gift of motherhood was not done giving. Another pregnant mother had recently been rescued who had delivered stillborns, and was upset and lonely after the loss of her babies. It was love at first sight. Watch the incredible moment when, after two days of being alone, the six puppies were embraced by their new mother.

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  • Lou

    Wow! Thank you Animal Aide! I am as usual touched by the wonderful work you do. Someday I still hope to return. Lou

  • Charlie

    You guys are amazing!
    I did a lot of volunteering before and after Animal Aid, but I could not find a place where I felt as much love and care for the animals.
    I also wish I can come back again!
    Love, Charlie xx

  • Mike Radcliffe

    Hey Guys
    How’s Mummy doing with her adopted puppies? Are they causing havoc? 🙂

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