Love Animals? Always wanted to come to India? This could be you!

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Seven animal lovers from around the world (human nurses, a banker, environment and animal rights campaigners, and a backpacking adventurer from the film industry) are combining the trip of a life time with their passion for animals at Animal Aid. They are saving lives as they assist in wound dressings, hold animals receiving fluid therapy, take recovering dogs for walks and give the tender love and encouragement that patients need to recover. Their volunteering trip to India has been organized by Veg Voyages ( Whether you come independently or as part of a Veg Voyages Tour, the animals will make sure you feel right at home—that’s guaranteed. The adventure is happening every day.

Amber, Tracy, Persia, Lindsay, Dave, Veronika and Maria– thank you! You are all wonderful.

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  • Alex Rudderham

    Hi guys,
    Love the work you do and I’d love to be a part of it! I’m a qualified veterinary nurse with an honours degree. I’m currently the nursing manager of an emergency centre in Melbourne, Australia – but I’m from Ireland. Would you have a position for me in your volunteer program?

  • Kara Murray

    Hi, I’m a veterinary technician and have been for over 12yrs. I am very interested in your program. Can you send me more information? I’m excited to help and be a part of this.

  • Rianne

    Dear Friends,

    Seven years ago I started to save dogs, who were run down by cars, or were so neglected that they were to weak to walk. There are 46 dogs living with me now, but it is very difficult to get good adoption families in Bolivia where I work. The facillities are far out of the city with nobody living within a 500 yard radius, even though people around are very hostile and the question I always get is: ‘What do the dogs do for you?’ and 2 dogs were poisened in the past. So when all the dogs are adopted, I’d really like to make a new start and as India has captured my heart, I’d love to volunteer with you in the future. You are doing such a great work!

    With love

  • Robin post

    Hi, I’m a licensed veterinary nurse in San Francisco, Ca. How do I visit your facility as a volunteer? I would love to visit and help in any way. Please let me know how to start the process. Thank you so much

  • Ole Magnus Kamonen

    Hi i am a 39 year old man who lives in norway,i work professional as a dogbehaviorconsultant,and i really love animals but i am best with dogbehavior. I really whould know more about your program,and how i can use my education and skills to help. Hope to hear from u? Love from Norway

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