Justice-Rally Against Animal Cruelty

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On Sept 1st, a group of more than 30 impassioned Udaipur animal-lovers came together at Brahm Pole to protest the beating of a young street-dog named “Bheem.” (read Recovering From Brutal Beating)

Animal-lovers held signs and chanted through the neighborhood where the beating took place on August 30th, chanting:

“BHEEM KA DARD HAMARA DARD,” (Bheem’s pain is my pain)

“JIYO AUR JEENE DO” (Live and Let Live)

‘BHEEM KO INSAAF DO” (Give Justice to Bheem!)

More than 500 leaflets were given to on-lookers and neighbors explaining the brutal incident and encouraging those who are witness to a cruelty against an animal to register the incident to the police and to raise their voice in protest.

The rally reached the Amba Mata Thana (police station) where the crime was registered with the police, and the group asked for the guilty to quickly be arrested and to take this case with utmost seriousness. The police were shocked to see so many people suddenly enter the station and that for a street-dog! The case is being followed closely by activists.

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