Jingle Bell Rockin’ at Animal Aid

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Animal Aid in Udaipur has Santa’s rescued rein-dogs,
retired rein-donkeys and his cutest injured elf-cows.

Some of Santa’s little animal helpers, who became injured and could no longer go sledding in the sky, are now doing the Jingle Bell Rock at Animal Aid.

Treat yourself to five minutes of pure fun as we meet a few rescued angels in this video!

Mmmmerry Christmas!

After watching this video if you would like to give the gift of sponsorship to a friend, or to sponsor one of the angels yourself, please follow the instructions below.

Sponsors will receive a personalized 3-minute video featuring their sponsored animal…made just for the person you wish.

As we introduce the animal in the video we will say “Hi” and acknowledge the person to whom you’re giving this sponsorship gift.

Here’s how to sponsor one of the animals you’ve just seen:

To donate $100 through Paypal now

  1. Dash off a quick email to info@animalaidunlimited.org to tell us
    1. Which animal you want to sponsor
    2. Name of the person to whom you are sponsoring the animal. (Please tell us if the person is a child)

Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place for animals and may all your dreams come true!

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  • Shephali Dighe

    Great video,beautiful animals.

  • David

    Hey Erica ,jim ,Claire trudy and all the wonderful staff at animal aid.
    That was such a fantastic video, i had tears welling up watching that. So great to see the animals especially jake . Look forward to coming back and seeing you all very much.
    Keep up the great work.
    David & Charlotte

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