Injured mom fights for life to keep babies alive

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She had given birth to babies while in agony from a massive maggot-infested wound covering the entire top of her head. She has just been rescued. Her babies are newborns, and only just starting to open their eyes.

Dogs with maggot wounds on their heads are in mental anguish few of us can comprehend. They run aimlessly in an effort to flee the horrific pain, and rarely sit or sleep. They die of exhaustion as much as damage from the wound.

So to imagine that this mother has found the will power to care for her babies is an incredible story of the wonder of a mother’s love.

We are doing everything we can to ensure that she will soon be able to experience motherhood without pain. Our loving caregivers are feeding the babies extra milk supplements because she wasn’t eating when she arrived. She has just started to perk up a bit and started to eat a little today. Let’s all of us who are reading her story take a moment to just love her in our hearts and express our love of animals in our hopes for this angel of motherhood. If you would like to donate towards her care and treatment, please do so at and add the message “For injured mother with puppies.”

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  • ritiritika

    Could someone please tell me how is she now???

  • Julius Almeida

    As an animal lover, I am so proud of you all–servants of God! May your lives be full of blessings and happiness! I praise our Lord for sending His real angels to Earth –YOU!!!

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