Injured dog suffocating from collapsed lung saved

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The young men who take care of street dog Tony anxiously pointed the way into a dark store room where Tony was hiding. When our team arrived, one of the boys asked the rescuers “Will he live?” It was one of the worst injuries we’d ever seen, but we told him we would try our best to save him. Tony stood very still, probably terrified by his inability to breath properly. We could hear the air coming out of the hole in his side.

This is a video about the real meaning of “emergency” because without immediate emergency surgery, Tony would have likely died within just a couple of hours. After Tony was started on oxygen and sedated, our vet closed the hole puncturing his chest wall, and then inserted a tube to remove the air filling the space around his lungs that had caused them to collapse, so that his lungs could expand and he could breath normally again.

The wound was very dirty and needed to be thoroughly cleaned before we could suture it all back together.

The result? Watch for yourself as Tony, fully healed, lightens up your screen.

Ambulance. Medical equipment. Expertise. Love. Please donate for street animal rescue in India.

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