Injured baby calf’s mother refuses to leave his side

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We got a call on our helpline reporting an injured calf. When our ambulance reached we found the newborn baby lying listlessly with a crushed foot that had been run over by a bike or car and his mother standing close by. She panicked when she thought her baby was being taken away from her and began frantically pacing back and forth. But she didn’t need to worry because there was no way we were going to leave Mama behind, she was coming to Animal Aid too!

The bond between mother cows and their children is profound and universal and incredibly sweet. But mother cows and their babies are separated almost immediately after giving birth as a matter of course in the dairy and beef industry.

This video shares the story of rescue and healing but it also shares that precious bond that we have the power to protect. All we have to do to keep mothers and their babies together is to stop supporting their captivity, abuse and slaughter. Every time we eat meat or consume a dairy product we are sponsoring the heartbreak of animals who deserve to live and to love just like every mother and baby do.

Thank you for believing in street animal rescue and in the liberation of all animals, no matter their species.

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  • Shaw Harper

    AAU staff are unique, if everyone of us also cared in some small way to help animals throughout our own lives, this world would be totally different place, and every one of us would feel a more complete human being for doing so.

  • Bonnie

    Love your work! Your group is just phenomenal.

  • Laura

    God bless all of you. You are proof that there are REAL angels living in this world. If I had a million dollars I would send you every penny. Thank you, over and over again.

  • Donna

    You all too are real Angels. God bless you all. I’m donating ❤️?

  • Pat

    Kudos to the young man in many of these videos who so fearlessly and compassionately helps carry these animals from their dire situation. You are to be commended and admired!

  • Goossens Luciane

    J’aimerais être près de chez vous pour vous aider.
    Vous faites un merveilleux travail. Merci à vous.
    Luciane Goossens de Belgique.

  • Manal

    Unbelievable to see how people will just leave these animals behind but thanks to you they regain trust and feel love! Thank you so much for the work you do to help them.
    You are true angels and deserve all the good things in life.

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