Hurt to Healed

Dog found comatose on roadside rescued

Roxy had been hit by a car and was unresponsive on the road when we found him. Watch his incredible recovery!

Huge abscess drained to save mother dog’s life

This darling mother was slowly succumbing to the huge abscess on her neck. Watch her recovery.

Dog hiding with terrible wound rescued

He had gone inside the house of a stranger to hide in pain. Watch Jupiter's beautiful recovery after rescue.

Dog starving from broken jaw rescued

This darling girl would have died of starvation without rescue. Meet Dory today!

Abandoned dying baby calf now safe forever

Little Merry was barely breathing when we found her unconscious on the road. Watch her transformation!

Badly wounded old dog stuck in gate rescued

Found stuck between narrow bars with maggot infested wounds, watch Dotty's amazing recovery!

Wounded dog lost on busy highway rescued

Watch as Earnest sees his rescuers and realizes that finally something great is about to happen to him.