How did rescued cow, Maya, help hundreds more?

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Maya’s life was saved because a passer-by saw her badly bleeding leg and responded to the emergency with practical action–calling Animal Aid to the rescue.


afterAnimal Aid holds the record of having the highest number, per capita, of citizen response to animal emergency of any city in India.  This fact is especially striking in that India as a whole is lately realising the phenomenon of its shoulder-shrugging in the face of pleas for help.

In the internationally-publicized wake of the Delhi rape cases, the Indian media has given attention to the stories of girls who have been left on the roadside and their cries for help ignored by the public.  Stories abound of road accident victims whose cries for help were ignored by hundreds before someone stopped to help.

What is the reason people in India pass by a suffering someone? We can only speculate that the fatalism inherent in the belief in Karma-that we reap the fruits of our actions in this or future lives–may lay at the root of such passivity for many people. But we have also seen instances of tremendous compassion–families who never leave the side of distant relatives in hospital; people opening up their homes letting perfect strangers find a bed for the night when a neighbor is having a wedding; and yes, people who stay by the side of animals like Maya and help Animal Aid staff lift her into the ambulance.

leafletingEach rescue is a precious opportunity for us to enlarge the circle of compassion. 

Treating Maya has infinite meaning to Maya. But to give this life-saving work even greater meaning, Animal Aid knows that involving the people who witness the rescue in conversation and education does even more. We are helping Maya, and the animals just like Maya who we rescue every day, become a gateway to even more compassionate choices.

It’s a choice to stop and help. It’s a choice to call. Street animal rescue combined with vegetarian outreach leafleting lets animals like Maya speak not only for street animals, but also for the millions of animals suffering in dairies, poultry farms and slaughterhouses, whose lives we can save simply by choosing not to eat them.

This is enabling street animal rescue to play a role in the dream of world harmony which must no longer apply only to people, but to all living beings who deserve freedom from all suffering and fear, from capture and confinement.

Maya is important. Thank you for making her rescue possible.

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  • Mike and Naomi Elias

    What a wonderful place for these rescued animals. What wonderful people who devote their lives to them. If I were young and healthy, I would be there like a shot. It would be such a privilege to live among you and your precious animals. When people shut their eyes to the suffering we inflict on helpless beings, I shall picture your amazing sanctuary and it will help restore some faith in humans.

    Peace and love to you all.

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