Hit by a car, paralyzed Yamuna makes an amazing recovery!

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Yamuna was rescued just a few weeks ago after she’d been hit by a car and left unable stand. A compassionate resident of Yamuna’s neighborhood saw her dragging herself across the road and immediately called Animal Aid’s rescue line. This uplifting video chronicles her day by day recovery and shows the bond of love and trust that encouraged her to walk again.

Please consider donating to make these life-saving rescues possible. Just $25 can save a life!

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  • Hardik

    I cannot imagine the agonies that the helpless street dogs go through. I honestly admire for what you guys do to save and improve the lives of such animals; the ones which people look at when they are passing by and do nothing like so much as call the in charge authorities to help them. I have never seen anyone taking care of these animals like you do. I pray to god to give everyone the knowledge about helping such animals too, so that one day we have a world that values life of an animal equal to life of a human.

  • Prashanth

    Hi, I am really inspired by your treatment and i have a dog which has a same situation as “YUMANA”, can you please guide me the exercise to treat him and i am from Bangalore, If you can give some guidance then please contact to Prashanth :9972117983 or you can send me some videos of exercise to treat him to my email id which is prashuachar53@gmail.com. Hope i will hear from you guys as soon as possible.

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