His paw was crushed by a trap but he’s healing now

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We rescued Francis from Hiran Magri, a neighborhood in Udaipur, Rajasthan, after he had stepped onto an animal trap which then crushed his paw. The trap had been laid in a wooded area of the city frequented by rabbits and other wildlife, including peacocks. Once Francis’s poor foot had been smashed by the trap, he ran with the trap still dangling from his crushed toes for possibly several days.

Luckily, he was spotted by several young men who work at a workshop located close to that same wooded area. They immediately called our helpline to report his situation. When our ambulance arrived he had hidden himself deep within some thick brambles and thorn bushes. Suddenly he emerged from the thorns and made a dash to run away, with the heavy trap clanking noisily on the ground as he ran. Again he ran into some bushes, but thanks to one of the young men who ran around from the other side to steer him back to where our team was, we were able to catch him in a butterfly net just as he was making another attempt to run away.

His toes were crushed beyond repair and his limb was amputated the next day by Animal Aid veterinary surgeon.

He is a very shy boy, wary of people, but happy to eat treats right from your hand. We are spending time with him everyday helping him socialize and learn to trust us.

Please donate to help sponsor his medical care and shelter while he recovers.

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  • Arpita

    I’m an animal lover myself but I don’t know what I can do to help such animals in my neighborhood. Such things quite commonly happen here but there are very few like you who stop by to help the abused. I pray that every individual gets a sense of compassion for animals so that we have a day when every animal is treated as a human being. Keep inspiring others with your work.

  • Buddy H

    What an inspiring story! Frances will mend because of your efforts.

  • Sridhar

    I do love pets I badly wanna help them… But how !!!

  • gagan deep

    I m from rajasthan ..i love dogs .when i see injured dog .i start to cry..i want to start animal care center…it is my dream how i star animal care centre..want to open very soon..

  • Shubhi

    I love dogs a lot…i really wanna have my own animal care center where each & every helpless, injured & homeless dog will be treated like a child…I want god to help me out to fulfill my this particular wish…

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