Hiding to die, rescue of sad old street dog

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We’ve all learned that there is no such thing as “just another dog,” or “just another mange case.” Each individual sweetheart has such unique circumstances, and to meet Edward is almost like making a new friend. His soul is so powerful that it seems to reach out and just hover around everyone who meets him–and we think it might just hover around you too. We don’t know why or how this happens but Edward is–though subtle, elderly and slow–a shining “person” whose life is big and important. Thank you to each of you who has ever donated in the past, or who do it now or tomorrow…when you watch Edward’s story unfold, you’ll feel so happy that you help.

We are deeply grateful to be able to use your donation for rescues like this.

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  • Rhondda Devin

    I love you people. Thank goodness they have you. So very sad the plight of the animals. Have donated again and will continue to do so. Love and best wishes from Australia. Rhondda

  • Maureen Richards

    You do a Wonderful job against all odds and I admire you very much. Please keep up the Very Good Work you do, you are an inspiration to everyone. Thank you. Is there any other way to give money as I have been hit by Fraud? Do you have an address?

  • Sudheerkumar Upadhuay

    Please advise me how I can be a part of this organisation.
    I want to help those needy animal who seeks our help…

  • Carla Burne

    Thank God! What a great cause and so honourable work. Hope you guys get all the support you need.

  • Jackie Fanning

    I just read the story of Edward, it brought tears to my eyes to see how an old Animal can be thrown away like garbage throughout life trying to defend itself on the streets. Thank God for all the special people and groups as yours who do all they can in search of all these animals who are in desperate need of medical aid, kind hands, loving hearts and a place yo live in that is safe and gives them a safe life , I will donate when I can , as I feel you all deserve much much more than I can afford but are doing a job that is priceless on this earth🙏🏼❤️ 💖 Thank you!!!

  • Mo

    What fabulous work you do. I watch your rescues with my heart in my mouth, tears in my eyes then a smile on my face. Keep being fabulous and I give when I can xx

  • bhagyasri

    I want to join with u guys.but how I don’t know.plz I want to join with you.I want to help animals.plz join with guys.

  • Carla

    Thanks to al the volunteers who help these animals and to love them. It is zo heartbreaking to see all the cruelty against animals. I am also very hopefull to see that the work of animal aid is leading to a growing awareness of animal rights amongst the local Indian people and stimulating them to treat animals with love and respect.
    I wish you all the best and lots of support in your work!!

  • Khaleesha Said-Loveday

    As always you never fail to restore humanity! Thank you to all that you do for all these animals and I hope that I can help you forever x Love from Simba TioBoy and Khaleesha Loveday xxxx

  • Tracey

    Bless his sweet little heart. There is nothing so wonderful as an old dog – they have the most beautiful souls and seem to have life sorted. I often rescue the oldies and though they may not be with me long I cherish every day and every wag of the tail. God bless Edward and all old dogs – so precious.

  • Sondra Braun

    I always smile when I see the phenomenal rescues, and how happy you are to give healing to terribly needy destitute animals

    I donate when I feel inspired to do so and You do Inspire me again and again! God bless and thank you all of you.

    Sondra Braun

  • maggie geddes

    I love you all at AAU. You are my heroes. You love, care and compassion is without measure and yout devotion to rescuing and giving God’s creatures a second chance of life where they are truly loved. I will donate again now.

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