Help make Bonnie’s last wish for donkeys come true

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Cancer has made Bonnie’s dream for donkeys urgent. Bonnie volunteered at Animal Aid 3 years ago and since then has become a passionate protector of suffering donkeys around the world. She realized that she wanted to spend the rest of her life helping abused working donkeys and had begun dedicating herself to help them, but was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She had dreamed of helping abused donkeys for the next 20 or more years, but that is no longer possible. Now Bonnie needs our help.

Please help Bonnie fulfill her life’s last wish to save suffering and abused donkeys in India by donating today. Bonnie has set up a GoFundMe page so that she can see see just how much money she has raised for donkeys. All donations will be given to Animal Aid and used to help donkeys in critical need of medical help and protection.

We are so inspired by Bonnie, that although she is in the middle of an incredibly difficult time, she is thinking about donkeys and inspiring so many people to help.

Click here to donate today. 

Bonnie’s unforgettable determination to help donkeys will stay with you forever.

Bonnie and Rambo at Animal Aid in 2012

Bonnie and Rambo at Animal Aid in 2012

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  • siddhartha

    Good work. If you need assistance with photoshoots or content writting . Do get in touch.

  • Aicel

    Touching video!! My sincere respect for her dedication to save Donkeys, so beautiful, gentle animal. Also, to your organization for save animals in despair. I will follow you after I saw some videos in YouTube. I hope I can make some donations in the future.

  • Pris Haffenden

    I am so heartened to see all of your caring work, taking care of those who can’t speak up for themselves. I remember visiting the south of India – Mumbai, Pune and Ahmednagar in Maharashtra State. When I saw so much suffering of so many animals, I prayed and prayed for God to intercede –
    Meher Baba was such a compassionate master to all, including His pets – and He has done that. I’m praying that He helps you all to continue the good works you are doing, and hopefully will be able to grow until all animals are helped. May God bless you all and the fortunate innocent ones that come into your loving hands. Thank you!

  • vipin panjeta

    hatsoff lady.. “taking care ofthose who can’t speak up for themselves” great line @PRIS HAFFENDEN. realy inspiring work done by org. i wish i can have such kind of org in karnal “haryana” too.

  • Steven r briggs.

    ive been looking all throughout the pages of this website, and urgently wish to volunteer, or help in any way possible. PLEASE, if any founders or volunteers see this, please email me ASAP.
    im sitting here in tears with a lump in my throat that cannot be fixed by just donating.
    ive just watching one video on the case of KALU, and it has warmed my heart. please if there is anything i can do to be involved, let me know.

  • E. Cambridge

    Just saw a picture on Animal Aid Unlimited of a man walking with an overloaded donkey. I thought of the bicycle cargo trailer I got on eBay for about $30.00 and how it would hold all that donkey was carrying. Even without a bike they can very easily be pulled. I think those carts are a little more now, but, why not suggest a trade? Give these people one of these carts in exchange for their donkey? No need to feed or house a cart would be the reason why it would be suggested for them to take the cart. Even if those carts aren’t the ones, maybe there are others just as good and just as cheap that would work. Just an idea, but maybe they would jumt at it and a lot of these donkeys could be freed from their miserable existence.

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