Tribal village boy saves wounded dog…beautiful recovery

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  • poonam

    Excellent work done by both Animal Aid & the boy in rescuing the dog.
    A very good way of encouraging children to help animals.Keep up the good work.

  • Mrs. Vandana Sen Gupta, Atashi Sen Gupta and Rita Kaul

    To our dear Sohan, We have found a great human being and a little angel of mercy in yoy. God bless you. You will always have a job oppertunity, time to study, time to work with animals and free time. There will be home & food fpr you always.

    God bless you

    Mrs. Sen Gupta, Ms. Sen Gupta & Mrs. Kaul

    Sonadi charitable Trust

    11-26275216 & 9212131218

  • Marian Hussenbux

    Quaker Concern for Animals in Britain would like to thank Sohan and the family who brought him up to be compassionate to our fellow creatures. He has saved a life and that is wonderful – something he and we shall never forget.

  • kavya

    Dear Sohan,

    i am delighted to hear about . you are really an angel .

    God Bless you.

    best regard


  • Rishi Dev

    My heartiest congratulations to Animal Aid Unlimited for encouraging children like Sohan to be compassionate. All children are angels, but it is upto the adults to inculcate and encourage them so they dont loose that quality while growing up. That is a big responsibility which not many people take up. Keep up the great work Erika & Clarie. You are doing a great job, building the future.
    My regards and best wishes

  • Neeta sabharwal

    sohan may god bless you keep up the good work because when dogs are injured like this WE humans have to help them as they cannot help themselves. Love you and am proud of you

  • Lesa

    Dear Sohan & AAU-
    Congrats and heartfelt appreciation for what you are doing in India for animals. It’s long overdue & serves as a great example of how to improve the lives of animals AND Indian culture! Look forward to hearing more stories from the field!

  • Teresa

    What an inspiring young man – the world needs so many more Sohans.

  • Sharon

    Sohan, you should be so proud of yourself. What a wonderful thing you’ve done for Buddy. Erika, Claire and Jim…what can I say….you know I love you all and everything you do for the animals in India. BIG hugs and best wishes to all at AAU X

  • Elaine

    So wonderful to see such care and compassion.. Congratulations to Sohan for taking the initiative to help that lovely dog…education is the way forward. He is a shining example .

  • Shaaron

    Thank you to Animal Aid for sharing with us the uplifting story of Sohan and his four legged friend. I hope that this helps him and perhaps motivates others to do what we can to make a difference. I notice Sohan is wearing a different outfit from the rest of the class. Can he afford to attend this school as obviously he has no uniform?

  • Katrina

    What a beautiful story. Well done Sohan and Animal Aid, thank you for saving beautiful Buddy.

  • Baribor Khongwir

    This video just brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Animal Aid Unlimited.

  • Pamela

    Excellent work and lovely film. What a heartening story of compassion when all too often we see the hideous cruelty of adults and kids to other beings. Well done, Sohan. You deserve a wonderful future. I pray you get it.

  • Vijaya

    Great work Sohan. We all lovers of 4 legged animals from Bangalore thank you from the bottom of our heart.

  • Christine Jones

    I am overcome with emotion every time I see one of your wonderful rescues. Thank you Sohan, thank you Animal Aid.

  • David Lapiana

    My goodness , i cried watching that . To see buddy wagging his tail, to see Sohan recieve recognition and making a difference, to see animal aid educating ,rescuing and caring . God bless you.

  • Lori Lelonde

    The children have so much to teach us. Sohan bless you for your kindness and compassion:)

  • Tim Goddard

    Great work Sohan, Animal Aid, and all involved. How good to hear a story of kindness. Thanks

  • Vijai Kumar

    Great Work.

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