He was so injured he couldn’t stand, but he still wagged his tail

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Compassionate Udaipur residents called our helpline in great distress to request the rescue of a much loved street dog in their neighborhood. We were told that he had been hit by a vehicle and had sustained serious injuries. When our ambulance arrived we found a gorgeous young dog sitting by the side of the road with a smear of blood on his forehead and desperation in his eyes. He didn’t get up or move when our ambulance arrived so we knew that he was too badly injured to move, but we couldn’t see just why. After our rescuer, Nandu, slowly approached and pet him, he gently lifted his hind leg and we were shocked to see the deep lacerations on his inner thigh and a large amount of blood loss.

Back at Animal Aid’s shelter we cleaned and bandaged the wounds and gave him pain killers, anti-inflammitories to reduce the swelling and promote healing, and anti-biotics to fight off infection. He was so traumatized, stressed and exhausted after the accident that he couldn’t even sit up any more–he was completely deflated body and soul. We kept him on IV fluids for several days since he had lost a lot of blood and also wasn’t eating or drinking enough, likely from the trauma and pain.

Slowly but surely as the days past he started to eat, and we were extremely relieved to see him stand on his own. Over the course of the next two months he grew stronger and his wounds healed beautifully.

Watch the video above to meet darling Goldie today, who is so happy to be healed!

Please donate to save injured street animals like Goldie in India.

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  • elly

    Thanks again my wonderfull people for saving also such a sweet dog just like the others, they all are so gratefull!!!
    Your country can not be without Animal Aid!

  • Janine Alfieri

    You are fantastic I love you

  • Janine Alfieri

    You are fantastic

  • louisa byrd

    Thank you so much for taking such good care of Goldie and the love and care that you always show to the beautiful babies. He is so beautiful. He reminds me of my Deepak. They look alike. Love it. Again, thank you so much for all that you are doing for all the babies there that can’t help themselves. Did Goldie go back home or is he going to stay with you.

  • Kheprisunnygirl

    I hate when girls say that TV stars, models, or singer our there role models when they obviously don’t see YOU the true heroes.

  • maggie geddes

    I love you all at AAU. You treat and care for these innocent animals with such love and compassion. Goldie is truly a beautiful soul and so grateful for being there for her. I hope she has a happy life wherever she may go. I will donate again.

  • Katherine Rose Nolasco

    When I get a new and better job….I will donate more…I promise that. Thank you all for everything. You all will be blessed.

  • Tori Orr

    This is just so beautiful. You can see how much he loves you and how grateful he is for your kindness. You guys are AMAZING!! Thank you SO MUCH for doing this.

  • Hollie Hollon

    You and your team are Animal Angels and I thank you for helping save so many animals in dire and extreme need. I will continue to donate to you and I hope and pray that many more people do the same. You make as huge difference in the world for animals and the people who love them.


  • Siddhartha

    There’s still a hope for this world.keep it up

  • Yolanda

    so so thankful and humble for the love,care for all this injured animals. You all are my heroes and diciples from GOD …THANK YOU

  • nancy

    god will bless these beautiful people at animal aid unlimited. thanks for all you do for all animals.

  • Lou

    Wow!!! What amazing work you do!!! …Goldie is sooooo adorable and clearly very thankful x well done Animal Aid x

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