He broke down after his puppy was injured and he thought he wouldn’t survive

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We received a call on our helpline that a puppy’s leg had been crushed by a motorcycle. When we arrived at the little house, we found a man holding a 3 month old puppy whose leg was wrapped in a blood soaked bandage. We didn’t notice at first, but when we looked again we saw that the man was silently weeping over the puppy’s terrible injury. He thought the puppy wouldn’t survive and that he would never see him again.

But back at Animal Aid we amputated his leg that was beyond repair, and just the next day were able to return the puppy to recover from the surgery at home in his guardian’s loving arms. We gave the man and his wife the medicines they would need to give the puppy throughout his recovery.

When we went back to check-up on the puppy, we were shocked to realize one of the reason’s why this dear man had been crying. Watch the video above to find out.

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  • michelle wendlandt-dwyer

    Empathy makes us strong. From all of OUR suffering should come the desire and hope to end the suffering of those that cannot help themselves. I love you so much, EVERYONE at AnimalAid.

  • Clive Duff

    Hi everybody at animal aid just a small donation towards the street animals your help everyday I’m from England I’ve donated to before last year my name is clive duff wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year

  • Kunal Mishra

    Hiccup and Toothless 😀

  • Migdalia

    You are wonderful ! I love you guys. I share your links every chance I get so more donations can come in for this incredibly humanitarian work you do for the defenseless. Thank you so much. God keep you all safe!

  • Rob Manikowski

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you are doing. It’s so amazing to watch your videos and I look forward to all your updates. You are all true angels in every sense of the word. Keep up the incredible work!

    Happy New Year.

    Rob Manikowski

  • Aud

    WHY do I watch these wonderful videos at work? (sniff sniff)

  • Rosie

    A small gift to help you keep up this wonderful work with animals in India. happy New Year.

  • vincenzo

    io non so se mi capite visto che la vostra lingua non la capisco, rimante sempre cosi amando e curando i poveri cani sofferenti sono
    un uomo che ama i cani avendone sempre avuti avendone uno anche oggi

  • maggie

    Thank you so much for all your dedication to these precious Animals. You are angels! I will send a donation!

  • escop muriel

    total admiration from a french friend of all animals,bravo

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