Happy ending for puppy who fell in 80ft well

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His whimpers could barely be heard from the bottom of the 80 ft open well.  But his plaintive cries reached the ears of a caring man who rushed to call Animal Aid. Our rescue team Bravehearts Ramchandra, Manohar and Shankar lowered Prakash into the craggy well to save the trembling little soul. Miraculously he is all in one piece but we’ve taken him under our wing to make sure he gets plenty of food, rest and love for a few days.

Prakash preparing to secure the pup (hovering in the dark corner) in the net


Almost out!

Manohar drying him off in the ambulance

Tired but safe, with miraculously no broken bones or wounds, this little Hero is ready for a few days of good rest and sweet sleep.

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