Hanging by a crane to rescue a dog trapped in a well

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When we got the call that a dog had fallen into a well and was trapped at the bottom, we sent our ambulance with ropes and harness prepared to lower our rescuer Ganpat down as we always do in our well rescues. But when we arrived at the well and attempted to lower Ganpat down, the sides of the well started to crumble and rocks began to rain down. Going down by rope would be too dangerous so we pulled Ganpat back up.

We searched the city and hired a crane to come and assist.

At the end of the rescue mission was one happy dog so thankful to be free!

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  • Joycr

    Your rescuers are so brave and resourceful. Very inspirational.

  • Sylvia

    Every time my heart is so happy, thanks to you!!!!!

  • Robin Adams

    I absolutely admire these people who go out and rescue these defenseless animals. May God always send you help and rays of sunshine every day ! You have an amazing organization !

  • guadalupe

    Gracias dios x que hay gente así q rescata alos animalitos bendice los a todos ellos y a tofos esos q les hacen daño ojala y les hagan lo mismo

  • Vera van Diepen

    You are miracle workers. Thank you. I have contributed to your incredible work. You are an inspiration.

  • Diane Macchiarola

    Several of your videos brought me to tears today. Your team is made of the most courageous, absolutely beautiful, most special humans. Thank you for the work you do every day! For believing that all lives are precious, especially those who’s futures seem so grim. You bring life to the lifeless, love to those who may have never known it and faith to us who have begun to lose it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Shanti muthu

    Thank u

  • Anil

    Bless you all for your good work.

  • Abir

    Just crying …
    I promise when i will do job then i will donate..
    May god bless all creatures…

  • kesamkurthy balakrishna

    please i wnt do more for them .wher is in vizag

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