Hairless street dog just wants love

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She wore her heart on her sleeve… This darling street dog made our rescue team smile ear to ear the way she crawled out from under a car, desperately troubled by mange, not only, we think, to get a biscuit, but because her heart was just so full of love. Her illness from mange was so advanced that she would have died without medical help. During her 4 week mange treatment at Animal Aid, we inoculated her against rabies, common viruses and we spayed her. And what did she do in return? Watch Pepper’s love.

Make a donation today to help us continue to save precious lives in India.

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  • elly

    My dear people off Animal Aid, thanks again for saving this girl and all the others.
    You all are deep in my heart an i will donate again off course if i can!!!

  • Sarah L Baldwin

    Your stories are so moving, and so well presented. Your hearts are so big, and so full of love.

  • Jennifer de Casterle

    I am so grateful that there are people like you all in this sometimes depressing world.


    So pleased for Pepper, what a lovely dog, so friendly even though she must of felt awful, thank you so much for helping this lovely girl.

  • Barbara Foster

    Pepper ! cured of mange and now a beautiful girl !!

  • April Silverman

    Thank you so much for all you do!

  • miss mdl geddes

    Thank you so much for saving this beautiful loving soul. Pepper’s recovery was amazing thanks to everyone at AAU. So sad that thousands of Dog’s die of mange when it is quite treatable. Pepper is one of the lucky ones who was transformed by all your love and care. I will donate again soon. You are all wonderful people rescuing these beautiful innocent souls. Much love and respect to you all.

  • Victoria Cruz Johner

    You do an amazing job and I loved your facilities when I visited in March! I just sent you US$250, much gratitude!

  • Patsy

    my dog has the same thing almost as bad as this one and I can’t afford a vet. her sibblings were put to sleep as their owners though it was contagious but I decided to keep her and do something to heal her. I have try a few things like medicine from the vet which didn’t work and natural remedies but still didn’t heal. I even cook meals instead of giving her packaged or canned food. she just gave birth and got worse. I cannot afford a vet where I live. could you guys let me know what was done for this dog so I can do it for my dog as well? her condition is really bad

  • Marie Bergstrand

    I was touched by your work to help animals in need. Thank you for touching my heart and everything you do for helping the animals. Love from Marie

  • Barbara Mills

    It breaks my heart to see these precious babies suffer. I will be donating to help the poor animals.
    The do have a soul.

  • Daria Fedyshyn

    When my time on earth is over, I’ve planned to donate the majority of my estate to Animal Aid Unlimited. They have done so much wonderful work with so little that I am truly amazed. I cry every time I see a video of what these angels do for animals that, in retrospect, what else could I do. Yes, I donate to other animal charities, but to see what is done by this wonderful animal welfare is truly amazing. I love you all…your kindness is inspiring!

  • louisa byrd

    Patsy. They gave her medicated baths twice a week.

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