Fallen baby chipmunk returned to nest

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A tiny baby chipmunk fell 20 feet from his little nest. He didn’t seem to be injured, but the nest was perched on an air conditioner attached to a virtually flat wall with no way to climb up. We could hear his mother’s anguished cries non stop in the background. Luckily, we had plenty of rope!

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  • louisa byrd

    This is wonderful. I am so grateful to God for such a wonderful organization. I love the fact that it doesn’t matter what type of animal it is you all help them. I know the mother was quite happy. Thank you.

  • Vimmi

    You all are amazing with all your help and love and dedication to these precious animals! I wish I could be there to help you all rescue these precious animals! I will definitely send some donation to help with the animal sanctuary!

  • Fiona Ingram

    I am so happy that the family took the trouble to put the baby safely in a box with cotton wool, and then called in the experts. Every life matters!

  • Honour Leigh

    Thank you for the wonderful work you do to save animals. May you all be blessed for your devotion and caring, and your bravery. You have restored my faith in humanity.

  • Elly Roeffen

    You all are so deep in my heart, thanks again for everything you all do for animals!!!!!

  • Suzanne McDonald

    Aww so sweet! Thank you all for the wonderful work you do saving all kinds of sweet creatures!

  • mdl geddes

    Thank you so much for rescuing that baby Chipmunk and for all the great work you do for all animals in need of rescue. I think you are all very special human beings and blessed by God for your compassion. I will donate soon again.

  • Tanja

    Oh, how cute! Thanks to the family who called you for help. Such a small and tiny thing, so beautiful.

  • jatin

    you ar awsm man………….love you………you are angels………..

  • Cathy Smith

    amazing. i rescued a baby squirrel in illinois as a child. we were lucky that there was a wildlife rescue in the area. then they sprayed ddt which killed everything EXCEPT the mosquitos. but i think some squirrels survived anyway. that is our human heritage, to help all life small or big.

    you folks need to help organize a rescue for local children, too. just to use your organizational skills if you even have the time or energy to do so. you do so incredibly well with what you have. i cannot wait to visit. until then i will donate what i can.

  • muriel escop

    une fois de plus quel beau travail,merci.

  • Muriel Servaege

    Thank you for those films. I particularly like the one with the calf.

  • puja khan

    M so glad for this job so nice it’s amazing…. Salute to all of u….

  • sharan

    Really great job for even small life of creatures.

  • rohit

    u guys are just awsm seriously what u guys do should be applaused. u r actual heros of the time by saving/rescuing these innocent creature tonnes of wishes nd love to all of u. keep it up
    nd thank u

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