Even the flies thought he was dead. Oliver’s recovery will amaze you!

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When our ambulance responded to a call on our helpline to rescue a sick puppy, we found him lying on the side of the road and from a distance appearing completely lifeless. Flies covered the puppy’s body as if they thought he was already dead. We rushed him back to the hospital where our team warmed and hydrated his dangerously cold body with hot water bottles and and we gave him iv fluids to treat his severe dehydration. At that point we truly did not believe he would survive, but as we do with all of our rescues, we wanted to give him a chance. Yet within an hour, this gentle little sprite amazed us. He started looking around. He tried to stand. Diagnosed with a raging respiratory infection, Oliver still had a two-month fight for his life ahead. But then, he beat the odds…just watch this wonderful boy who came back from the dead.

Please donate for the little spirits who aren’t ready to say goodbye.

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  • elly

    You all are so wonderfull for all animals, you are deep in my heart and in all of the animals heart!!!

  • louisa byrd

    Thank you so much for taking such good care of Oliver. What a wonderful recovery he made. You all are the best. Love you so much. Thank you for all that you do to save and take care of Gods’ creations.


    Yesterday was my birthday and the best gift I received was watching this video of the woman lovingly helping Oliver to stand and walk after coming to the sanctuary! She held him up when he couldn’t stand by himself and showed him such love and tenderness. God bless her spirit. If we all had just some of her compassion, just think how much better the world would be.

    Watching Oliver run and frolic after two months first brought tears to my eyes, and then a great big smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mdl geddes

    Thank you everyone who helped to bring this very sweet Dog back from the brink of death. He had such a strong will to live against all odds. You can see how grateful he is to be alive and loved by all of you. You are all amazing for giving Animals a second chance.

  • Michelle Butler

    Bless you!!! Bless those who advocate on behalf of animals everywhere!!! Best wishes.

  • Tanja

    Such a lovely little boy, so sweet. Thank you and your team for giving him the chance to come to live again.

  • Margaret summers

    This is deplorable how something this deplorable this is allowed to continue that the worlds and that the government and the population in general allow this to happen people who abuse a animal are a human being should be brought to trial and prosecuted and also people who half raise thier animals and then throw them away should pay also everybody should keep a watchful eye and turn these creeps in and pay for their crime and these humane society need to get thier fat butts up and do thier job they keep thier butts in office doing nothing except put donations in their (41ks) and put money in thier pockets and then you have the good caring ones like the Amanda foundation,aspc,Team floppy ears who do a great job of saving animals

  • Kim

    Fantastic work, simply remarkable 🙂


    I just see this video and it´s wounderful to see how people like you take care animals in that condition. you´are the best and this animals are thankfull for all that you make. I am form Mexico and I was crying when see that poor dog dieying and you saved him. Congratulations all of you and many people that see your videos think the same. WWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!! WHAT A GREAT JOB!!!!!

  • Rakesh Joshi

    wonderful to see your good work in helping animals. Awesome.. keep it up.

  • Bruner

    Great job ! I hope at least half of people that left comment here – also donated anything to this organization… As our comments won’t help them to carry on such a great job … It doesn’t have to be much – if everyone will donate even little amount it will gather to nice sum 🙂 I already donated.

  • Andrea Kage

    I cried when I saw this video first, I`m so happy that you rescued him . Can I adopt him, could you bring him to Germany?Perhaps with the help of a German Animal Rescue Association. I would pay everthing to have him here.

  • Reine

    God bless all of you and the miracles you perform

  • Diana Reyes

    I’m truly impressed by the job you guys do. I will definitely be donating.

  • Erika

    Thank you for all your work. I wish I had money to come and volunteer it is great knowing people like you are out there.

  • Paul Bridge

    What a beautiful little dog Oliver Is I have four dogs and would love to give him a home for life here In the UK.
    I love watching the end of the video when Oliver Is running around, but what a terrible start he has had to his life, lets hope he has a long and happy life. WE LOVE YOU OLIVER.

    I will be donating to Animal Aid.

  • Andrea Kage

    I would like to come to volunteer, would make me happy …only words? It`s hard to bear , we need to do something…

  • Janice F.

    Oliver’s story brought tears to my eyes. I only wish that I were rich, so I could donate more to AIU, because you not only do a great job with a lot of love, but you don’t give up on severely ill animals that would probably have been euthanized in some other countries. I feel sure that you use donations in the best way possible to help more animals, with nothing wasted.
    There is one thing I am curious about: I love to see the “after” pictures of the animals you have saved, but do the ones that were strays live permanently at your facility, or are they adopted out or returned to the neighborhoods where they were found? (I am imagining it must be the latter, since it would be impossible to keep all the animals you save after they are well.) Keep up your inspiring work!

  • Magdalena

    My dear friends.i am not surprise for all the good you all do.the love,care and compassion with in you all shows and tell everything.You are a God send for all this innocent animal wich all they whant is to live and to be loved,and you guys all of you simply gave all those to them.May God bless you all and gave you all power,and straight to keep your Magic worck goin.You all are loved not only by those animals but by many who watch you and your doing.With love and respect.Magdalena.

  • Tanja

    I donate to animal aid on a regular basis and feel this is one of the best charities in existence simply because they do the right thing and love these precious animals. India is a hard place to be as a dog, cat, etc and we all can help even if it’s sending a small donation.

  • anita summers

    Bless ddear little Oliver having the will to live and all at Animal Aid’s love and kindness.
    You are wonderful love n light Anita xxx

  • lorrie a dockins

    Wonderful people who rescue animals. I always donate to this group.
    It’s so hard for me to see people standing around and doing nothing
    But watching a dog die in the street.Where is the compassion in this country ??

  • PelleJ

    I cant just understand how people let it happen? its almost dying in the middle of a street?
    have they respect for animals?

  • Jarita Pethel

    I have donated a few times but was wondering what happens to your rescued animals. Do you put them up for adoption? I noticed a few people asking to adopt Oliver so I was wondering if you have an adoption program. Your organization is doing a wonderful job and I wish I could join you someday! Thank you

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