Even after train accident, his little tail wagged

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Buried under garbage in a hole near the train tracks, Spirit must have waited for the pain to stop, but it didn’t. His leg had been severed by a train and hung only by a bit of remaining skin. But when his rescuers arrived, he wagged his tail. Nothing could stop Spirit’s incredible will to be joyful. Meet this delightful little boy with a budding, beautiful future.

Please donate for the little ones who have so much life left to live.

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  • Elizabeth Sargeant

    You constantly amaze me with your kindness towards these poor creatures and the work you do to rescue and heal them. Keep up the good work.

  • Magda

    You guys are God sent,with a heart of gold,with lots of love in your heart.You guys are my Number 1 and i love you.Magdalena.God bless you all and the Angels.

  • Susanne Kreibich

    Thank you thank you for all you have already done and still do! It is simply unbelievable

  • Chris Shillito

    Love all that you do. Please continue. Donation made. xx

  • Honour Leigh

    Oh, what a precious little soul; Spirit is the perfect name for him, he is just SO FULL OF LIFE AND JOY. A special thank you to the wonderful man who rescued him; just oozing with compassion for the little pup he gently lifted from the hole. How amazing that Spirit’s tail just didn’t stop wagging the minute he felt that love surround him – even before that first soothing pat on his head. Bless you all. If ever I win a lottery you are on top of my list to donate to!
    This story brought much needed hope and joy to lift my spirit as well. Thank you

  • Chandramohan Kharkar

    I am chandramohan Kharkar I am working as Judge for maharashtra judiciary much inspired my ur work and affection towards… God bless you always.. You all be always be in my prayers.. Certainly I gonna donate the funds towards this pious work

  • priyam vedha

    can you come to srirangam in trichy ?

  • Wendy G.

    I wish you will start the same sanctuary for these precious animals in the United States. I will love to see the place but India is too far. But my heart is with all of your loving hands for these animals.

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