Elderly street dog recovers from severe injury

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An elderly street dog had fallen into a gutter and was unable to get out when the kindest passerby saw him and pulled him out and then called the Animal Aid helpline to come to the rescue. Not only was he drenched in sewage waste and very cold but he also was severely injured with a maggot infested wound near the base of his tail.

He couldn’t stand or walk when we found him lying in the middle of the road, totally vulnerable and helpless.

After several days of IV fluids, medicine, and syringe feeding water and food he started to regain his health!

Watch his amazing recovery in the video above.

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  • Christine Allcock

    Love these stories. What brilliant people you all are. Please keep up your great work you do.

  • Rose Deleon

    OMG it just brings me to tears, very sad.

  • maggie

    Thank you for saving this lovely old Dog. You are all wonderful people. God bless you all.

  • derek kerr

    Thank God there’s people like you in this world God bless.

  • Tessa

    Beautiful and touching. It puts a lump in my throat and makes me want to do everything possible for these dogs.

  • José Rodrigues Flor

    Nunca vi em nenhum outro lugar,pessoas como voces.Que Deus os abençoem sempre!

  • JetA

    I am a proud monthly supporter and will continue to be one for as long as you need. Bless you guys for all the work you do, both rescuing animals and teaching people how to respect animals in their communities.

  • Sherie Carlisle

    I cry each time I see these rescues – my heart actually hurts. Then through my tears, I have the biggest smile when I see how glad they are to be alive and cared for.

  • Perron

    You are so Beautiful to me…..

  • lynn

    for you to go thru this much trouble for a senior dog. you all are heroes and angels on earth!!!!! love you all…. where do i contribute $ for you please??

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