Drowning puppy saved from sewage tank in the nick of time

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It’s not uncommon here in India to see wells, drains, pits and tanks of one kind or another left open with no barrier or warning signs where any child or animal could fall in and be completely unable to get out on their own.

We received a call on our helpline for a puppy who had fallen into an open sewage tank (for human waste).

The puppy’s sorrowful moans echoed against the walls as Ganpat heroically let himself be lowered head first into the septic tank in order to save this puppy’s life. You’ll see in this video, the puppy was literally just a few moments from drowning and death.

In the days after the rescue, his fearful heart began to melt, through love.

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  • Melody Lacy

    The reason I give to Animal Aid India is because they try to save animals that people here in the USA would just “put to sleep” as unable to be saved. These Animal Aid India volunteers and workers have terrific heart! Our Pope says that saving the planet saves lives and these people live this truth daily! Prayers lifted! I wish I was a wealthy American who could buy a few trucks for this group, but we are a disabled couple living on a small income. We give what we can.

  • Louisa Byrd

    Thank you all for saving this baby. Thank you Ganpat for rescuing him so that he could have another chance at. You are very brave. God bless you and Animal Aid Unlimited of India.

  • Louisa Byrd

    Please keep us updated on his progress. Also, thank you Raj for helping him to trust. I know that you kindness got him through this rough time. You all are wonderful people. I pray that God will bless all of you for the all that you do for his creations. Love you all.??❤

  • Henning Krohg Stabell

    It is really so wonderful to see such heartwarming films with good outcome. I am full of admiration and fond feelings for the people who dedicate their time and affection to help animals in need. It is a joy to share such great info with friends and family, and I urge all who can to support this good work with donations and various actions in their everyday life.
    Our daughter is planning to study to become a vet here in Norway, and she would also like to travel abroad to see what can be done for animals elsewhere.

  • Henning Krohg Stabell

    Wonderful to see. I am full of admiration for these people, and share this with all I know + donate and participate

  • Reine

    God bless you for all you do

  • Leslyn

    Thank You for helping these animals! I love the way you love on them. Keep up the good work and may God bless your team!
    From Canada

  • Judith Perlstein

    What you do, to save these animals, is amazing! You are truly Angels on Earth! I know God is looking down on you and smiling. I too will continue to make small donations when I can.

  • Katie

    Thank you for continuing to inspire with your unconditional love, courage and dedication to be of service. These heartwarming videos of your rescues add so much joy and upliftment to the collective consciousness and thus assist in the healing of the entire planet. ?Light ahead and much gratitude! ?✨?



  • maggie

    You are a Hero Raj. Thanks to all of you at animal aid for all the great work you do to rescue animals who would otherwise die sick and alone. Heart warming to see with love and care he is now a very happy Puppy. God \bless you all!

  • Kim collins

    Everything you do is so selfless. My admiration for the team at animal aid is infinite. That is why I am a monthly donor.

  • Dutch550

    This is why I give.

  • Paul BN Kerry

    Keep these videos coming and load them up to YouTube, its a great way to spread the word of this wonderful organisation. So impressed with the way some of the rescuers put their health and life at risk for a discarded animal and its a wonderful feeling inside to see these animals alive and kicking after their convalescence.

  • JanetR

    Thank you all for saving this cute little dog.God bless you all!!!!

  • 61ue9ra55

    Ganpat is the boss

  • Honour

    Just donated. I think you guys are super-heroes and the most wonderful human beings for the loving care and healing you give to so many unfortunate animals, often at risk to yourselves. I’ll never forget the dear pup that had been covered in tar – all that moved were its eyes – and you patiently removed the hardened tar over a three day period with vegetable oil. And now this lucky pup rescued from death in a sewer. Bless all of you.

  • Vaibhav

    It can be said that god exists even on earth n you people can be given d name of nome less than god i should say……Salutes to you…..Respect n i wish i could get some more money to donate after i start earning…..You people are none less than armymen who are serving on d borders to assure d safety of our people….Salutes again and heartiest thanks……??

  • muriel escop

    you are still so incredible may the world filled by people like you,thanks for that little dog

  • Josiane linder

    Bravo a vous pour tous vos merveilleux sauvetages !
    Ganped du sauvetage de Puppy vous êtes mon héros !
    Amitiés d’une Suissesse d’Evian en France

  • Dariusz

    You are such a lovely people.!!!!

  • Chloe

    This is the reason I give! Every single one of you are amazing! God bless you all ❤️


    Merci à toute l’équipe d’Erika ! Merci pour tous ces miracles qui me confirment que la bonté humaine existe encore sur cette planète ou règne la violance ! Marie-France de Jardin en France vous embrasse tous très fort.

  • valerie

    SO kind wonderful people great big open hearts

  • Stephenie

    Thank you all for being shining beacons of humanity in these dark times. You are all wonderful people, but Ganpat – great kudos to you for your bravery and strenth in this situation.

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