Donkey trapped chest-deep in sewage water under building

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We got a call that a donkey was trapped in a septic tank under a house. When we arrived we found a terrified donkey inside the tank standing chest-deep in filthy, cold sewage water. We have no idea how the donkey could have fallen through such an incredibly small hole, but we can only guess that he may have been fighting with another donkey and in the commotion slipped and fell in the hole.

We don’t know how long he had been trapped in the tank but we cannot fathom the fear and despair he must have felt being unable to cry for help and thinking that he was never going to get out.

The hole being far too small to pull him up safely, we had several hours of work to do using a jack-hammer to widen the hole. Because an actual jack-hammer operator was not available on short notice, our rescue team had to operate the hammer ourselves despite never having used the machine before. It was difficult to operate, but knowing who was patiently waiting underneath, unable to even lie down because of the depth of the water, made the work seem easy.

Once the hole was widened, our rescuers Deendayal and Ganpat descended into the sewage and wrapped blankets around the donkey and then two ropes around his mid section. With a ONE, TWO, THREE, we lifted him up successfully and carried him into the ambulance and back to Animal Aid.

He was so happy to be free! He rolled, ate, ran, played and enjoyed cuddles with his rescuers.

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  • Lesley

    What an incredible rescue, you never cease to amaze me. All are done with such minimal equipment but with compassion, patience and courage. So glad that the donkey is safe and happy.



  • mdl geddes

    Thank you so much for rescuing that lovely Donkey. You are all amazing people for everything you do in rescuing these innocent animals.

  • Fiona Ingram

    What an amazing rescue! Donkey looks quite young still as well. Thanks to all those brave rescuers!

  • louisa byrd

    Another great rescue by the team. I can’t imagine how he got himself in that small hole, but nonetheless, Animal Aid to the rescue. Love you all.

  • Dozy Cryer

    Do you have a tax id number?

  • Jeannine Alfieri

    It’s a pleasure to see this lovely donkey happy and playing

  • Sherlie Carlisle

    I love these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Cathie Perry

    Your rescue team is a team of absolute heros. Amazing what they have done!! All those lucky enough to have been reported to you in trouble are blessed with (now) good fortune. Thank you to them!!

  • Adrienne Corfe

    It’s just heart warming to see dedicated humans in action saving the most vulnerable, those without a voice, and dependent on us. Thank you for all that you do, you are life savers of the most valuable kind.

  • Derek kerr

    Love you àll God bless you and keep you safe.

  • robert dowling

    regards. for every animal that is abused, ignored, left in their hour of need, used in manner never dreamed of by the highest, etc. you people balance it out in numbers not yet heard of on the opposite side of darkness. kudos forever.

  • Emily Wallis

    Your team is so dedicated and compassionate beyond the call of duty at times. These are heartwarming rescue stories. Well done team. Had these animals been found in Australia in this condition they would have been put down. They are lucky animals to be in India, god bless you all for your great work and dedication.
    I only wish I could help at the sanctuary, it looks looks like a really rewarding job.

  • Lynne Johnson

    I don’t know how you do it day after day but I love all of you for it.

  • Sharon Tracyt

    I don’t know where this rescue group is located, but it appears to be in one of the places that typically show a lack of empathy for animals. The enlightened compassion that is shown by these rescue angels for animals is rare

  • Joseph Herzog

    At the beginning of the year I posted a contribution, and I have since watched all your videos with a sort of vested interest. There are not enough individuals like your organization that appear to be genuinely interested in the welfare of animals, and also appear to be funded only by charitable contributions. I really cannot say enough about you that already has not been said, so I won’t try. I LOVE animals, especially dogs, and only wish I could give more. Keep up the good work, as I believe those of us that do Gods work, are rewarded. Too many people abuse animals, and they need organizations like you to survive. Thank you.

  • Such a little donkey I do know they can slip through the smallest places. Bless you all yet again for all your love and strength. I am proud to send you my donations. Hugs

  • Tanja

    Amazing! Thank you for helping the helpless!

  • maria

    Gracias por todo lo que haceis

  • Mandy watkins

    I have 2 friends that would like to receive your newsletters but they don’t have emails

  • Shana Jacobs

    All of you take my breath away. The HIGHEST of HUMANITY saving helpless creatures who want to survive like the rest of us trapped in some way or another; relying on your Godly hands to reach out and save their lives. My ALL TIME FAVORITE RESCUE GROUP! Continue your GODSEND GIFT of saving the innocent animals who have an innate sense to survive against all odds…

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