Donkey rescued after falling in well

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During a fight with another donkey, this sweet little guy took a terrifying tumble into an open well, about 15 feet deep, that he had no chance of getting out of. Thankfully, villagers who had been working in nearby fields and saw the whole thing happen, called us to come rescue him from the well.

When we reached the site, we saw that miraculously he had no broken bones and his only injuries were bite marks from the fight with the donkey but not from the actual fall.

We lowered two of our rescuers down into the well, wrapped the donkey up in a blanket to prevent scrapes from the side of the well when we pulled him out, and tied ropes around his mid section. Though he was heavy, with the help of villagers and several of our rescuers, we were able to pretty easily pull him out.

The best part was watching him trot along with our rescuers as we brought him back to the ambulance to bring him back to the shelter to treat his bite wounds.

He was an extremely friendly and curious donkey who seemed truly overjoyed to have gotten out of that close brush with death safely.

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  • Charles and Theresa Egan

    We visited you from Jersey last Dec, since our return we’ve told many of our animal loving friends how impressed we were with the care you provide animals in need. During our visit a dog returned 7 miles to find you and try to jump back into your compound. We were amazed how calm the atmosphere was even though their were lots of sick and injured dogs all together. The young man who showed us around and all the staff who work and volunteer are an absolute credit to you. Fantastic work which will hopefully educate and spread the message of animal welfare, changing the future! One day we will visit you again and hope to volunteer for you.

  • Judy Mandelbrot

    You people do such awesome work saving the animals!!!!!!!! I hope someday to
    visit your compound and see in person all the wonderful work you do.
    God bless all of you.

  • Katrina

    Wow, well done to everyone involved in this rescue

  • Sue Merchant

    Just imagine what the world would be like if filled with ONLY people like this – That’s right, PARADISE.
    God Bless ALL at Animal Aid Unlimited. Thank you for everything you do!

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