Donkey recovers after abuse

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We rescued Lance with a horrific wounds on his legs two years ago. His legs had been tied together by his owner with plastic packing material that was cutting through the skin and muscle. He had been abandoned on the side of the road in too much pain to walk another step when we found him.

We named him Lance, in honor of his incredible courage, and just look at him today, living peacefully in the company of many loving friends in the Bonnie Christopher Forever Home for Donkeys.

Animal Aid runs an education program with donkey owners to prevent this type of abuse from happening, and although much progress has been made, we still find donkeys who are injured and abandoned with disabilities. Animal Aid treats donkeys at no cost to the owner and ensures life-long sanctuary to any donkey in Udaipur who is injured and no longer strong or healthy enough to work.

Click here to sponsor Lance for 6 months. He is one of 20 disabled donkeys who lives in Animal Aid’s sanctuary.

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  • Carol Solomon

    I am touched by your compassion and kindness towards these animals. My heart breaks for them. It is a miracle the way they recover once in your hands. The videos are so touching and inspiring. Thank for all you do.

  • A

    You guys are really truly angels. Thanks for the effort to save animals?

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