Dog’s legs crushed by train but not his spirit

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A street dog had hit by a train and his legs were horrifically crushed. Railroad workers had seen the dog lying by the tracks and called Animal Aid’s helpline to urgently call for help. When our rescuers reached we found him quietly sitting by the tracks with his legs mangled beyond belief. His front leg was attached by just a few threads of tissue.
When we got him back to Animal Aid we assessed his injuries and it was clear that in order to save him he would need one leg completely amputated and two legs partially amputated.
We had never before rescued a dog with such ghastly injuries but yet who was so alive and otherwise healthy. With heavy hearts we didn’t think we could save him and that we would have to euthanise him.
But as our team stood around him, petting him and trying to sooth his pain, we decided to let love be our guide.
We took him into surgery and our doctors and nurses spent the next five hours amputating his crushed limbs.
It took Deepak over 6 months to recover.
Watch him in the video above to meet him today!
Sponsor Deepak to help us give him the best forever sanctuary at Animal Aid for we hope many years to come.
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  • Tanja

    I was crying seeing him first in the video. So massive injuries, oh my god. Thank you for helping him and giving him a chance.

  • Ruth Ganta

    Animal aid is doing an amazing work, many people don’t care about animals and keep hurting them. I’m so happy India has this kind of place where animals are loved and cared for. Every video of yours made me cry like a baby, my love for animals especially dogs is infinite. I strongly support this work and we shall work together in future. Keep going Animal Aid, you guys rock. <3

  • Fiona Ingram

    Thank you for saving this boy. He must have been in terrible pain and yet he lifted his head to nuzzle the man who was carrying him. Is it possible to get wheels for these dogs that are unable to walk? I am proud to be a monthly sponsor for your wonderful organisation.

  • Fran Kahn

    My husband and I have tears rolling down our face. Thank you so much Animal Aid for all that you do.

  • Sky

    These are the times when you can believe God is indeed in us. Animal Aid personnel
    express God’s unconditional love every day. Thank you all for what you do. I am honored to
    participate in any way I can.

  • Ariana Stefan

    I love you people.
    Thank you so much for helping beautiful Deepak and all the other animals you have saved from injury and / or brutality.
    I feel privileged to be able to help you.

  • Kim

    These videos are difficult to watch, but thank you Animal Aid for having the patience to wait until the animal is healed and happy before posting it. Knowing that it has a happy ending, makes gory part bearable to watch. That said, I am in awe of how loving your staff is towards all the animals. I am a monthly donor and sometimes send a little extra when I can.

  • Kim

    These stories all brought me to tears. Thank you Animal Aid India for saving these and so many other lives.

  • Sylvia Rottenberg

    Il a cru ingénieur every time I see how you save this terrible injured animals I Nevers can stop saying Thank You.Your love si with limit
    You deserved à Nobel Prize for your dédication,

  • maggie geddes

    Deepak’s injuries were horrific but what an amazing spirit he has and a beautiful soul. Thank you to everyone who rescued and saved this special Dog. you are all amazing people for everything you do to help these lovely Animals. I have donated and will again soon. I love AAU. God bless you all.

  • Phạm Trang

    Thanks all! I cried when i saw the dog was swimming. That is the happy tears. Lucky for me to know you. God bless you all.

  • Joy M. Harvick

    You people are the true heroes and angels of the world and this dog’s indomitable spirit is an inspiration to all! I gave what I could today and hope to contribute more soon. Bless the rescuers! Bless Deepak! Bless all the creatures of the world!

  • Jyoti gill

    I have recently learned about your organization and just donated for the first time.. so excited to be able to help! I’ve been eager to help the street dogs of India since I was 11 years old visiting India, my native country with my parents. Even then my family was surprised that I was brought to tears by the animals rather than the people that seemed to be in need. It’s in my blood I guess! Thank you for all you do!

  • Vaijayanti

    Great salute to all of you true peoples ,,Thanks For saving life of dogs,,,thank you very much,,,

  • louisa byrd

    I am so grateful that you all let love be your guide. Just look at what prayers, love and kindness did for Deepak. He is beautiful as well as all the other babies in Handicap Heaven. Thank you so much for saving their lives. God bless all of you.

  • Jain Abraham

    I love u all people. I am very happy to see u all guys helping the injured animals.Keep going on

  • Eaha k paurel

    I m so thankful to the team of animal aid for rescuing animals… i really didnt knw that in india there is such an efficent and loving team..i wanna join ur i dont knw how..n if by any chance i cant join ur team then i m opening an animal shelter of my own for all kinds of animals although small coz i m not having a lot ofmoney right i m going to open …thank u animal aird…god bless the rescuers ?

  • Lynda J Fernandez

    I read your site and am so amazed at the wondrous miracles you do for these poor animals. How people can be so cruel to God’s creatures breaksmy heart. You all are God’s angels on earth. I will be donating $50 this first time and will try to donate monthly. I only donate in the USA, but after seeing how you keep them until the end if nobody adopts them, I am proud to say you are my first foreign donation. I wish I could help ohysicalkt, but this will have to do. God Bless you and the animals.

  • Russell Singh

    Feels great to see that India too have these kind of organizations. I am myself disabled but soon i will try to donate regularly.Gr8 to watch ur efforts. Keep it up.

  • harneet

    My son visited Animal Aid and saw the genuine work that was being done to alleviate animal suffering .
    He loved playing with the disabled dogs with two legs !!
    Its a haven for all animals who have no place to go .
    A must visit for every family to teach their children commission for animals
    Blessings to all supporters of the Voice of the voiceless.


  • Eileen Gaines

    Is it better for your organization for us to donate by Pay Pal or to mail in a check? Blessings to you and your team for the care and compassion you give to God’s creatures.

  • elaine thong

    you guys had done an amazing job and god bless all of you for having such strong heart, commitmemt and unconditional love for these poor animal. thank you all for help them

  • Caunou

    When I ever watch this I don’t like anybody or any animals to get hurt but I love who this video follow it’s own heart to save this boy ? I hope I was adopting him but my mom are scare of dog but soon when I grow bigger I should have a dog^_^ I will donte when ever I do and I’ll be watching more of you videos too?


    Country:United State

  • Cecilia Rivera

    What is the name of the singer and song played in this video?

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