Dog’s leg split open from accident

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Adrenalin alone must have helped her make it to the field next to the highway where she had been hit by a car. Our ambulance rushed her back to Animal Aid where we brought her in to surgery to try to save her leg. Our surgeon discovered that even though four major muscle groups were torn apart, no major artery or vein had been cut. This was a miracle because otherwise she would surely have bled to death before our rescue team even reached her. Hold on to your heart with this one because Selene’s injury is hard to see. But even though you KNOW she’ll be happy in the end, you’ve just got to see this for yourself.

Behind her surgery and recovery is the loving support of donors like you. Click here to donate today.

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  • Barbara Foster

    This is why I donate $20 a month to these wonderful people. Sometimes they do life-saving surgery right out in the open with only a table, a few instruments, and some antiseptic! Scenes like this have given me a whole new respect for the Indian people. They are angels to the animals they save. If you have a spare dollar, maybe you can send it to them.

  • valerie sumner


  • S.srinivaas

    I pray to God for your wellbeing

  • Hollie Hollon

    My heart breaks at the horrific and painful things that these poor animals must endure BUT I THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU AND YOUR TEAM FOR HELPING SAVE THEM. I donate as often as I can and wish I could do more. I ALSO FORWARD these emails to family and friends to help also. IF WE ALL TAKE A STAND AND DO ALL WE CAN, WE CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF ANIMALS! YOU ALL ARE LIVING PROOF OF THAT………….THANK YOU AGAIN!!

  • valerie

    I have said it so many times before you are all beautiful ANGELS

  • Rodica Muth


  • Martin Grevich

    You are doing the work of true Saints on Earth. I commend you all. Love Martin

  • Ashok kumar

    Hats off sir & madam humans are their feelings says another person,but not says animals.your service is superb,I’m daily wages person I will be donate some much

  • Paramjit Paul Maggu

    Thank you for your good and kind hearts. <3

  • Roha Prashar

    Hello guys i love your work and i think it must be a very hard to de but you guys manage to do the se thing you guys are not human you are gods in the form of human i love you and you guys

  • Brenda Kell

    Aww she was so terrified but in your hands that doesn’t last long. Another beautiful outcome for another beautiful creature. Thank you.

  • Jyotiprava Nayak

    Great work.Please open an animal rescue centre in Bhubaneswar,Odisha.

  • Swati

    this made my day !! The dog was in such pathetic condition almost to death but u guys saved … doing wonderrffffulll job ! Being a dog lover i always try to help them by all i can but being me a student lacking of enough finances i end up crying watching dogs in such situations .. wish ur team was here in lucknow too .. God bless ur team wish u all reach heights and every city of our country …

  • Dhiraj

    Animal Aid Team I just only want say thank you for taking care of animals. I can understand the feelings of animals when they get hurt. The very big difference between humans and animals, human can say to the people around them when they feel pain but many don’t understand the pain of the animals because they won’t bothered about that but you guyzz. I always watch your updates on Facebook page
    Thank you for taking care of them

  • elly

    Off course i donated again for everything you all do for animals, with so much love.
    I love you guys!!

  • Elaine

    Thank you for all that you do for the animals… you are a blessing!

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