Dog with massive cancerous tumor recovers

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Watch the truly incredible recovery of a girl who is as sweet as she is strong. She was suffering from a massive cancerous transmissible venereal tumor. In India, one can see these tumors from time to time among both boy and girl dogs. If caught early, and if a dog’s condition is good, it can often be treated with a chemotherapy drug called Vincristin which can shrink the tumor til it’s completely gone. But side effects from Vincristine can be very serious–extreme loss of appetite and nausea is one of the most dangerous. In this case, the tumor was caught at a very advanced stage. A tumor this size means months of treatment. We debated euthanasia but the little girl–“Missy”–was in such vigorous good health and had such an appetite for life (and food!) that we knew we had to give it a try. To our delight, within 4 months the tumor has disappeared and her overall health is robust! During her long recovery Missy made friends from nurses to cleaners to volunteers–everyone fell in love with this spectacularly determined beauty.

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  • Sukoon

    Amazing ???????

  • barbara chipman

    i needed this today. so heartwarming.

  • Mylan to

    God bless all of you for saving Missy. I am touched deeply by this story, thank you for saving all these beautiful souls.

  • Monica Knight

    Every one of these stories just touches my heart so deeply. Everyone involved in these rescues are truly angels on earth. Thank you SO, SO MUCH for all you do!

  • Cynthia Lyons

    I would like to donate but I live in UK – so how do I donate in sterling ?

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