Dog whose stomach was split open after accident makes incredible recovery

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We found her lying in a trash pit with a gaping hole in her stomach. The neighbors who had called us to come rescue her said she had somehow gotten the injury 3 days ago but then she disappeared, otherwise they would have called us earlier. She must have gone to hide in the nearby bushes, in too much pain to come out for food or water. She could barely move when we found her but with the remaining strength she had she wagged her tail as if to tell us everything she had endured, and she truly seemed to know that her now she was going to get better.

Lola’s enormous wound would have become horribly infected and she would have become sick and almost certainly died without the life-saving treatment that your generous support enabled us to give her.

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  • Lin martin

    These guys are wonderful, to care so much in a country which does not see animals in the same light we do. Fantastic work and will continue to donate when I can. Is there any way I could buy a t shirt? Would love to give your charity some publicity.

  • cate shaw

    god bless you wonderfull people.i will be donating when i get paid .

  • Paul

    I am so glad I found you so I could donate to your amazing charity. You are ALL Heroes!

  • Louisa Byrd

    It is so amazing how you all give so much love to all of the babies there. I am so happy and thankful that there is an organization like yours. I am glad to see that Lola is so much better. Thank you for giving each of them another chance at life. God bless you.

  • Allen and Sandra

    Your organization is the greatest; you will continue to be one of my regular donations; THANKS for all the lives you are saving!!

  • Rieka Taghizadeh

    My faith in humanity is restored when I follow your organisation’s wonderful work.

  • Alliyah

    Beautiful work. God bless you all.

  • Mary

    God Bless all of you. You are such beautiful people for taking such good care of all the animals you save and giving the a 2nd chance at a happy life. I will be making a donation when I get paid, until then my prayers are with you all.

  • Joanne

    You are some of the really special souls of this world.
    Thankyou for your compassion.
    I’ll donate whatever I can next week (as soon as I am paid).
    Love to you good people xx

  • Janetromain

    Give Lola a big kiss from the uk


    Is so wonderful and touching to see how your organization rescue and take care of the animals in a country where animals are being neglected and mistreated. You are on my regular donation list and would share all these videos to my friends

  • Marlene LaCombe

    I agree with all of the people who commented before me. I live on a very limited income. But I feel that I could not see the beauty and the blessings in the care you give each animal & not donate something!
    What wonderful hearts each of you who care for the animals have!
    God bless you All,

  • Jay Patel

    I salute the people like you who are doing such a great work for the sake of any life. I watch each and every videos that are being uploaded by animalaidunlimited and i get very touched by it because i used to have dogs in my house before few years and i am an animal loving person. I really feel very sorry for i cannot donate anything right now because i am not in condition of donating anything to you people but i promise to stand for any emergency condition to any life which i see by my side anywhere i go. And i also promise that the day when i would be economically stable l, i’ll surely donate whatever you people ask for. Great work by you people and i would like to give message to those people who have hatred towards the animals that ” YOUR OWN BLOOD MAY HURT YOU SOMEDAY BUT THESE ANIMALS ALWAYS GIVES LOVE IN RETURN !!! JUST TRY LOVING THEM ONCE AND SEE WHAT YOU GET…!!! “

  • Sooriyakumar

    You guys are really do good job God bless you I would like to donate

  • Cindy

    that tail <3

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