Dog whose neck was slashed open recovers in 2 weeks!

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A life-threatening laceration was hidden at street dog Toby’s throat under his fur, not visible to passers by until a kind neighbor realised that something was very wrong by the way this sweetheart was holding his head. Thankfully that good man called Animal Aid. We hurried to the neighborhood where the man stayed with street dog Toby, and, lifting his chin, we were horrified to see one of the most serious wounds we’ve ever encountered. He trusted our rescuers right away and we rushed him back to Animal Aid where his emergency treatment began.

Toby’s wound extended down the entire length of his neck and was just as wide. Without a doubt he would not have survived much longer from the infection and imminent likelihood of maggots infesting the wound. But absolute delight awaited all our staff and volunteers after we took Toby’s many stitches out just two weeks later: Toby makes everyone know he is happy to be alive.

Donate for the emergency rescue of India’s street animal angels like Toby.

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  • Patricia Mitchell

    I think you do a wonderful job saving these beautiful animals and I really enjoy getting your videos of the animals you have helped. God bless you lovely people x

  • Betina Gundermann

    I live you people so much!!!
    You are the real angels!???

  • Dottie Atwater

    The videos make me cry, and then rejoice. I live in a small town in the highlands of Panama and sponsor/organize/finance low-cost spay/neuter clinics here. I don’t have a staff, only volunteers on clinic days. The doctor is the only one who is paid. He comes from Costa Rica and we have no vet here. I am also able to help and treat sick and/or injured animals (street animals or otherwise) in my small way although I am not a vet. Through the clinics and my own 18 rescued 18 dogs, I have learned a lot. I’ve donated in the past and have corresponded with Erika. You people are wonderful! Much love and gratitude to you all.

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    I am always in awe of your work and compassion towards animals!
    You never give up on your patients! Wonderful!!
    So happy to be a monthly supporter. I encourage people to give even a small amount – it all adds up.

  • Gita ighanian

    I lve what you guys do and donate regularly….

  • Rob Philpott

    You are incredible people and I am moved to tears(of joy)by what you do!

  • Corinne sumun

    Thank you so much for being there to help those little angels in India! I’m so grateful to you all. I have decided to give a monthly contribution to support your incredible work! Thank you

  • Babs

    Thank you beautiful people may God bless you always ???

  • maggie gedde

    I say it every time I watch your rescues, so I’ll say it again, you are all wonderful people at AAU. Your love and compassion never fails to amaze me and all the animals show you how much they adore you for what you do for them. I donate when I can and have donated today. It’s not much but if every who watches your videos donated, even a small amount, it all halps with your wonderful charity and another amazing life saved. Please donate to AAU whatever you can. All lives matter!

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