Dog trapped in well for 5 days saved!

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Villagers in a remote area many kilometers outside of Udaipur heard a dog crying for help from a deep open well. The locals could not descend into the well because the walls were unstable and just too dangerous. But the villagers didn’t know about Animal Aid’s existence and so even though they desperately wanted to help, 5 days passed before they finally found someone who gave them our helpline number. When our rescuers Ganpat and Kalu Singh arrived on the scene they too could see it wasn’t possible to lower anyone down by ropes alone. We had to arrange for a crane and while waiting for its arrival the dog’s desperate cries were heartbreaking. The reason this is a “must see” video is not the crane. It’s the astounding sweetness of what that crane lifted up.

Our hearts ache to imagine what would have happened if those kind villagers hadn’t heard and responded to her cries, and if Animal Aid didn’t exist. She would have been dead by now but today she is playing.

Please donate to help Animal Aid save animals in the most desperate need.

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  • Fiona Ingram

    So thin! So hungry and thirsty after being saved. But I was amazed at how quietly this little girl lay while being worked on by the vets and how her tail still wagged. Thank you for saving her. Every life matters!


    Love, love, love the work all these people are doing every day to help the beautiful creatures in India!!!

  • Terri Taylor

    To all of you dear, sweet people at Animal Aid India:

    Thank you for all of your tireless efforts in saving India’s street animals.
    I love to hear about your successful rescue stories.
    Please feel free to email me any petitions regarding animal welfare & rescue
    and I will sign them and forward them onto others to sign as well.

    Warmest Regards,
    Terri Taylor

  • Caunou

    God bless you all… You said she wouldn’t be dead right now but I’m glad that she still alive because I love animals but I don’t know if a people threw her in the well or she just walk into it because she didn’t know too bad I wasn’t living with you guys I wish I could help you but I’m far away from Minnesota or United State just as you know but I still love your vids?


    I just watched this video again and it still brought tears to my eyes, but I also have a big smile on my face at the same time.

  • maggie geddes

    You are all heroes who save these lovely street Dog’s from misery and death and give them loving care that they desperately need and so appreciate. Sunny is a beautiful Boy and would surely have died. I love you all at animal aid India. Will donate again.

  • Kim Jordan

    You may be able to help no matter where you live. I live in Kansas and work for UnitedHealthcare: I donate money to Animal Aid Unlimited each month via payroll deduction and my company matches my contribution dollar for dollar. I urge those of you who have a similar arrangement with your employers to do the same–every donation supports this beautiful work of helping these innocent creatures.

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