Dog submerged in rock-solid tar rescued!

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We received a call on our help-line that a dog was stuck in a pool of tar behind the Town Hall in Udaipur, India. We immediately sent our ambulance to find a young dog completely covered in a pool of tar that had leaked out of a container. We could see his eyes darting back and forth in a panic, but otherwise he couldn’t move a muscle.

The tar was nearly rock solid, but still warm enough for us to pull the dog out of the tar so that we could bring him to our shelter for treatment. After pulling him out of the pool he was still covered with a thick layer covering the whole side of his body and much of his face as well.

At the shelter several care-givers got to work rubbing vegetable oil into the tar. After about 15 minutes of gently massaging in the oil, the tar began to heat up and melt at our fingertips. Slowly but surely, after nearly two hours of rubbing the oil he was ready for his first bath. 90% of the tar washed out in that first bath and we waited till the next day to start another round of oiling. The poor guy was exhausted and needed to rest and eat.

Over the course of the next several days we did more oiling and bathing sessions and by day 5 he was totally free from the tar.

He had an upset stomach for several days we believe due to ingesting some of the tar possibly in his early attempts to free himself.

After he recovered from his bad stomach we neutered and vaccinated him.

Please consider making a donation today to make street animal rescues and amazing recoveries like his possible.

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  • Melanie

    Look at this happy pup now! This rescue organization is truly amazing. I am so thankful there are people in the world like those who are a part of Animal Aid Unlimited. Thank you for all you do! Thank you for saving this sweet puppy’s life and all the other precious lives you have saved! You’re changing the world!

  • Chris

    What happened to the puppy covered in tar? Did he get a good home?

  • Kim Handley

    I am so thankful for the diligence of you people regarding this poor pup that fell into a tar pit,
    Thank you, thank you, for doing what you do, day in, day out..
    I just donated some $$ as this story really affected me.
    Sending a big hug for that little puppy who I hope gets adopted soon.

  • walter scepanski

    I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT TAR WAS VERY HOT.I have worked with that asphalt many times and when it’s real hot it grabs on to your skin. It would not have come off that easily. I have scars from several years ago that are still with me. To see that doggie motor around after the terrific cleansing by my favorite type of people made my day. I’m sure many more days to come. Thank you very much animal aid unlimited.

  • janet zuniga

    I would like to know if this puppy was placed in a loving, safe home or what his status is? I would also like to make a donation to your organization. This is awesome what you are doing.
    Janet Zuniga

  • Sara Lee Strickland

    Thank you all in Northern India , what a wonderful thing to do . I am emailing to everyone.

  • Pat

    Thank you for the many wonderful things you do to help animals! I’m sending your link to everyone I know.

  • Gary

    Thanks to you all Animal Aid, Praise Good Lord For You ALL knows what it takes to save the Dog Life,

  • elly

    I love you all, who do such a lot for animals, you are such great people.
    I donated once and i will do it again for you and all the animals.
    Thank you so much,
    you are all in my heart, that’s for sure.

  • leo

    Wish you could post some new pics of this dog. How was the recovery and how this little one is living right now. Sorry guys but i dont believe in 100% of this history. All is about money and likes today.

  • Mahesha

    You are the real gods on this planet. Thanks a lot !

  • hema

    I salute all the people who render such selfless and heart touching services.Animals are more loyal than human. With just a little love and care, they are ready to die for us in-return. I thank you to give hope in those innocent lives. And when I say, perhaps for all of us I say, lets continue our good deeds my friends.

  • sonam

    Awesome job.. loved it.. When I saw this is happening in.india..

  • Tricia Hamilton

    How wonderful that there was someone there to take care of this beautiful dog.

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