Dog strangling on embedded wire healed and happy!

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We received a call on our helpline from a resident of a small village just outside Udaipur reporting a dog who had something tied around her neck so tightly it had embedded deep into her flesh. Villagers had seen her suffering but didn’t know about Animal Aid’s rescue service and because the dog wasn’t friendly with people, there was nothing they could do. Finally, one of the villagers who did know about Animal Aid saw her distress and immediately called us for help.


The material around her neck may have been tied years ago when she was a puppy and slowly over time started to cut through the skin.

Our rescuers caught her using a net as there was no way we were going to be able to catch her by hand. She was very skittish of people and was ready to bolt at any minute.

As soon as our ambulance brought her back to the shelter, we gave her sedation and removed the plastic wire that was buried deep in the skin in her neck.


After removing the plastic wire, we shaved the fur around her neck, flushed the wound clean, applied a moist bandage and gave painkillers and antibiotic injections.


After dressing her wound every day for a little over 3 weeks, she has now been spayed and vaccinated and is 100% healed and healthy. We are returning her to her village now along with giving Animal Aid emergency leaflets to neighbors to ensure her safety in the future.

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  • Christine

    Love u guys. U do awesome work. So proud of your efforts. Thanks u restore my faith in mankind…forever may your souls be blessed.

  • brunet

    Thanks very much
    Rescue animals
    Good person
    I am very happy
    Work is neccesary
    For help animals
    I like you

  • Padmaja

    A kind gesture will save a life! God bless you.

  • Dinesh Gohil

    God bless you for settling in India and taking up this noble work. Animals in India, Especially on the streets, are looked upon as nuisance. They are treated very cruelly. Besides, when they are sick or injured, they are left on their own and die a tragic death. You, your family and the equally dedicated staff are God to these animals.
    I wish I could help you. But I have too many limitations.

    I am based at Mumbai. I, too, am looking after Indian animals, in distress, on the street in a very small capacity as compare to your gigantic task.
    I came across your site as I was surfing to find design for simple dog wheel chair. I have adopted a dog with paralyzed hind legs . I have also adopted a very old bitch , who is blind. Besides I have provided shelter to eight street dogs. I regularly vaccinate and feed animals in my street.
    I salute you for your good work!
    Dinesh Gohil

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