Dog starving from broken jaw rescued

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She would never have eaten again without surgery after a vehicle hit her and broke several of her teeth and fractured her lower jaw. Locals from the village saw her laying in the same place for more than a day and realised something was wrong. Our rescuers found her curled up in a ball, disoriented and unable to stand. She probably hadn’t eaten or had water in many days. We brought the sad little girl back to Animal Aid where we treated her for dehydration and pain. We then placed a wire in her jaw to heal the fracture. And so began the new adventure of Dory’s life to come. Watch the transformation of a dying dog into a playful angel.

With your help, they can heal. Please donate.

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  • valerie sumner

    Your all Wonderful Souls. So kind,caring Earths Angels.

  • Lucy Leon

    These people are like angels in a world of cruelty and neglect. They shine a light in a dark world for these helpess animals. God bless them. They sure will get a reward in heaven for they are caring for God’s creation.

  • Susan

    May each and every one of the rescuers, and those who call them out, be blessed in their lives, and those of their families. If the love that people have for you all could be made whole, it would eclipse the Earth itself. Xxx

  • Ruth Bieber

    Hi everyone. I haven’t had any news or updates for a while now. I’m so glad to hear from you. Everyone there does such brilliant loving work.
    Please keep me on your news list I do love to hear and see how you all are
    I’m sending a new donation and hope it helps if only a little. Love and BIG hugs to you all carers and “furries” little and large

  • Ruth Bieber

    Thanks for everything you all do to help all creatures and educate enlighten the people to promote kindness and caring for all animals. Animal Aid deserves all the help we can send.

  • Marta



  • Jill Luettgens

    The work you do astounds me- thank you for all you do- I never see you give up!!

  • Cristina Alcoverro

    Muy great dream is to devote to caring for animals in need of affection. Your work is wonderful. Do not vive up. I follow with admiración all the cases.

  • sophie verrechia

    Each time i can only think it’s a disparate case, you manage to change their life for the best. i’m sooooo full of admiration for your work. you are wonderful. much love to you all.

  • Donna Staley

    I love you people for what you do for God’s creatures.

  • Floyd Smith

    When you heal an animal, God remembers.

  • Floyd Smith

    When you hurt an animal, God never fotgets.

  • maggie geddes

    Thank you so much for saving the beautiful Dory. She is adorable and you have made her soooo happy. She is always laughing. You are wonderful human beings at AAU. God bless you all. I will donate again soon.

  • Lynne Johnson

    I wish I could come and give you all a hug but there’s no way. I just couldn’t afford it and considering I am 72, there isn’t much likelihood that the situation will change so I send my love to you all.

  • Fran kemmer

    I’m so grateful for your compassionate work. Please email an address to donate to you

  • Janis

    Thank you for all your wonderful help with these beautiful animals. I can only ever watch the video’s because I know you will do a wonderful job and these lovely creatures will be happy again. Thank you. Janis

  • Jennifer

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Dory is so happy cause of your love. I give monthly to your cause. Miracles work through you!

  • Bernadette

    Animal Aid India are wonderful, compassionate people. I am honoured to support you!

    Thank you for all you do for animals. You give me hope.

  • Juan

    You are love. No gods, no shit, just pure love. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

  • Anita Summers

    Beautiful Dory bless you all for saving these angels, you too are angels x

  • Barbara Foster

    The very first time I saw what you do at Animal Aid Unlimited I started making my $20 monthly donations. Thank you so much for your tireless work helping animals! Barbara Foster

  • Helen Moss

    God bless all of you who rescue, help and love on the innocent creatures of God. Many many thanks and blessings from Grayson Georgia, US. Hope to visit one day and will try to donate more per month to your organization!❤❤❤

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